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  1. Modano was interviewed tonight on one of the Dallas tv stations saying he has a solution to all of NHL's problems... Get rid of Bettman. He said something to the lines of "The last ten years you can see a decline in hockey and I think all of hockey's managment should get together and put a 'hockey man' in the comissioner position. Someone who knows what he's talking about and get the games as we knew it back." Here's an article with one or two statements he made: http://www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/sports/10719535.htm "I think everybody thought he would save the world," Stars center Mike Modano said. "But he's made the game worse."
  2. http://www.erc-ingolstadt.de/html/index.php Looks to be true. If only I could have learned more German in my German class the last three years.
  3. I got an emailed today from a woman in Germany saying... "We got the news in the early morning - Jamie Langenbrunner plays now - for the end of the Lock-Out - at my Team - the ERC Ingolstadt, wich plays in the 1st Hockey Leauge in Germany. Other Players Like Marco Sturm and Andy Mc Donald play for ther ERC to, Players like Mike York, Stephane Robiadas or Christobal Huet and others from the NHL play in the DEl, too. " I don't know if this was already posted or what but I thought it was interesting if it was true. The woman emailed me to tell us about Jamie and what I know about him. lol I love the thought of someone thinking I'm an expert lol.
  4. SHES MY HERO! I want to be just like Audrey when I grow up!
  5. This makes me sad. Every time one of interviewed and they were asked about the other, you could just see something in their eyes. They seemed so perfect for each other and they really seemed to love each other so much and seemed to be a good couple. I know that's what everyone says though with some couples and it's completely opposite but they really seemed genuine. Oh well
  6. Yeah, I am going with one of my teachers. She always goes on some kind of trip each spring break. My brother went last year to London with her. I never went on any of those trips with the school before because I didn't want to sit only on a tour bus and go to gift shops and every other tourist trap there is. The trip I'm going on I think we spend time on the bus for a half a day and the rest of the week we are doing whatever we want. I love to be around the people and go to small shops and that type of thing.
  7. I'm going to Paris Spring Break, but I voted Greece. I think Greece would be far better experience than the typical France trip.
  8. So here's what I got: -A smoothie maker, so cool because it's one serving in a to go cup... for college -A External Hard Drive... so I can back all my websites up. yay! -A cyber-shot digital camera.... thank goodness because I have been dieing without a camera -Books about Natalie Wood and Grace Kelly -A Audrey Hepburn style book... wow it's beautiful -Hugh Grant movies... Love Actually, Bridget Jones (from my oldest sister), Nine Months (which I haven't seen), Notting Hill, and Two week notice (already have it lol)... Yeah I have a Huge Grant obbsession lol -COOL RUNNINGS... yah!!! About freaking time someone gave me my favorite movie of all time. *sigh* lol -A Smoothie book.... has so many smoothies, milkshakes, and other drink recipes, yum! My mom already yelled at me for future reference for putting liquid in them lol. -Gavin DeGraw "Stripped" CD -A few other stuff....
  9. Wow now that I think about it. Not a single person in my hockey obbsessed family got any hockey stuff... Oh wait, one of my brothers got a History of Hockey book. But that doesn't count because he could care less about hockey honestly lol. He is the odd one in the family.
  10. Ahhh I hate being so far away.... *sigh*
  11. Rowdyfan42, I have a navy 2000 Beetle. Yay for me. haha
  12. I guess this would be a bad time to mention that I am exempt from all my finals. hehe Thank goodness for High School. Though, I will make up for all the exempt tests over the last two years when I go to college next year!
  13. Just wanted to mention that Pantera will almost have a place in Stars fans' hearts because of the song they wrote for the team. My brother in-law plays drums for several bands in the Dallas area and I think he knew him and he was up the whole night so upset. I felt real bad for him.
  14. *sigh* With this cast of all who I love, I can't believe I didn't like the first movie so I don't tihnk I want to see this one. But today I heard from one person that it was horrible!
  15. We got our tree up last week. We bought a new tree and all because we wanted to start all over with a new tree and new ornaments. So it looks great this year! I have to get a pic of it soon. woot woot fake trees!
  16. you guys got 40 plus on that thing?!?!?!! wow I got one! and it was like a million tries
  17. I'm a "Tiny Perpetrator who loves to corrupt lesbians"
  18. ARGH!!! I miss the short one by one inch!!! *pouts*
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY... sorry it's late. *sigh* I am starting to feel old.... lol ok not quite.
  20. When I saw that on the news last night I was almost crying. I have respected and loved that guy as I have grown up. I always thought it was an amazingly strong person and a good guy. I wish him the best.
  21. dallasdevil15


    Hey now! We have seen it, but it is very ugly snow and not much of it and not only that but most of the time it's mostly ice.
  22. oh joy... I am now going to be paranoid everytime I drink a caprisun being that I am making those purses out of them and have to drink them all the time.
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