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  1. OMG! So true. That kinda ruined the movie for me...
  2. It's just you... but that's ok... I used to look at coach Sutter and think about Sloth from Goonies...


    Kaberle??? Please, NO!!!
  4. I am here to agree with you. I am not canadian, but I live in canada since 2007. Here in Canada I experinced the love for hockey as I never expected to. I live in a small city (200 000 people) and the WHL team is the city's passion: almost no empty seats for their games, lots of people buying jerseys and other stuff, local stores acting like big sponsors... They had a NHL game once and the tickets were sold out in less than 60 min. The thing here is: Canadians do anything possible to participate. They don't like to stay at home, doing nothing. They really like to be outside, no matter what. So, they grab any chance just to have some fun, be involved with something and speacially support the community's growth. I firmly believe that 'Peg is excited and people there would do anything possible to support the team. If they will succeed, I don't know, but at least I know, for sure, that they will try really hard.
  5. It's just me or Kovy's 2nd score was like... a peace of cake? Not a power shot, but something kind of "easy like that"... It was like he could score from anywere, at anytime... so relaxed, smooth... I think he started to believe and forgot about all the pressure. It feels soooooooo good! I wanna see more!!!
  6. Happy New Year guys!!! LGD!!!

  7. Nothing was really happening... I'm excited just to know that something was done. Too little too late, but... hell... Let's just have some fun trying to guess what's next...
  8. Yes, you're right... I guess people will be curious about it and if they are curious enough, they'll make an effort to search for it. So.. I hope Devils organization support your idea... they are not in a good spot to negotiate, I hope they don't want more frustrated fans and I think it's a good deal for them, anyway. Better do this, than have the arena empty for the rest of the season - if nothing changes from now on. Like a miracle, for example... lol. At least you guys can go to the games and have some fun. It's a nice way to go over this nightmare season. Hope to hear good news from you soon. Good luck !
  9. I wasn't there, but I could hear you guys on my laptop, LOL. Nice job! It seems like verybody had a great time, that's the best part of it. Now, talking about other sections, chants and everything else... I suggest somebody from Devils Supporters group to try to get in touch with somebody from the other sections and try to explain what you are doing (even if they already know it) - but try to unite with them . It doesn't matter the section, if people start to understand the idea, you won't have only 209 section, but almost the entire arena. Just try to spread over the idea and ask in person to people from other sections to help you and give you ideas. Show them that every fan is important, like "We need you, Devils need you". You also can try to set up a meeting with one member of some sections to organize the chants... you can try to find a way to communicate between sections during the game to get a chant starting. That way, everybody can get involved. About the name... I think it's great to have a name, but, I wonder if the name should be used just like an ID between the members, just to organize who makes part of it. But at the game, you're all Devils fans, and that's it. That's your place to stand, chant and have great time. You can call it any name, but you don't need a sign for it. You all know that you make part of it. Everybody will see it, and if you don't have a sign there saying that your section is different, it will be easier to get people involved. You can make signs asking people to join the chants and that will make a difference. I honestly think you don't need to officially label the section if you want to spread the cheering atmosphere. I guess that was the idea, right? Make some noise, have fun and spread the enthusiasm. You started something that I believe is really important. Keep going and I think The Rock will be a fantastic place to be, winning games or not. Ps: Sorry if I said something crazy... its just my oppinion. I totally understand that I can be wrong about my ideas and I don't want anybody angry or offended. Just trying to share my point of view. My chant idea: We all believe That we'll achieve That's why we stand That's why we chant We love our team New Jersey Devils That's why we scream: New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils (pretty easy to get everybody involved in the "New Jersey Devils" part, over and over and over again)
  10. Just Perfect. I think exactly the same! Well written. Too bad I'm in Canada right now, but I'm planning to go visit NJ next year and I hope I can stay at Supporters Section and loose my voice as well. Anyway, I'll be watching every game and I hope to hear some noise!!! Let's Go Supporters!!! Let's Go Devils!!!
  11. I believe!!! I believe!!!

    1. SS-SS


      you do ??? or its a new song ?



    This is team. I believe. I love this team and I'm proud of being part of this loyal fan base.
  13. I was born in Sao Paulo. Oh, wait... Cachorro Louco... are you from Brazil or you just learned some portuguese?

  14. Wait what?? Born in Brazil wich part of Brazil??

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