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  1. 1 minute ago, mfitz804 said:

    This is very true. Even the "best" of our available guys are really just retreads who over performed thus far this season. I don't know that the Devils have any intention in retaining any of them so might as well get a return on them. 

    Stemps says he likes it here and wants to stay


    Do you guys know if we will definitely get a print and mini banner?  according to some posts here on page 6, it sounds like that may not happen. (that they were only emailed about a special ticket)

    for chico resch night they didn't have the same style program or the print for his night (which they had for for doc night and all the other nights)

    from people that reported from the store, it sounds like it's more of a book and not the same type of program that they had for the other 3 nights.

    this is why I was concerned about the new owners, they don't seem to care about keeping these events consistent (sga's, programs, etc)

    and for them to have things for sale and be sold out before Tuesday is a disgrace.  and how could there not be any kind of retirement pin for sale with the retirement logo?  you see devils fans all throughout the arena with pins all over their jersey (clearly many devils fans care about pins) and yet I haven't seen any pins yet.

    as many of you guys have said,, this is suppose to be one of the best nights in our team's regular season history and it just really pisses me off they might have screwed this up (if we don't get the same mini banner and print, having the same type of program for the other 3, etc)


    i looked for a pin too to put with all my other ones at work and i was shocked i didn't see one

  3. 37 minutes ago, devilsfan26 said:

    Yeah I'm sure that would go over well with the thousands of fans that spent over $100 for tickets to Tuesday's game to see the ceremony.  There is no way they reschedule the ceremony unless they need to reschedule the game itself.  Otherwise it would be completely unfair to everyone who bought a ticket for Tuesday.

    looks like no snow so its a moot point right now

  4. 8 hours ago, Zubie#8 said:


    So I have been looking at the future models and they are projecting a nor'easter off the coast near the 9th and 10th.

    If this comes to fruition lets all pray to God it is on the 10th and not the 9th.

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    Where? I just checked nj.com all i see is rain

  5. I have a few games for sale

    Tues jan 19th vs the flames 40.00 for the pair

    Fri feb 19th vs tampa 50.00 for the pair

    Fri Mar 25th vs washington 50.00 for the pair


    Sec 119 row 12 seats 14,15

    First come first serve I prefer to be paid through PayPal tickets can be emailed or I can mail you the hard copy tickets

  6. Hey guys my girlfriend bought this from locker room sports it is a legit jersey seller i noticed when i opened the package today i found this by the nj i am just wondering if there is any way to fix it?


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