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  1. looking to get rid of them i just lowered my price to 20 bucks for the pair in this case i accept paypal only sec 120 row 4 seats 12 and 13
  2. devils tickets 2 tickets for the price of 1 sec 120 row 4 seats 12 and 13 dropped the prices down to 40 even if you buy 2 games off of me ill throw in a 3rd pair for only 20 bucks any game here on my list! 1.carolina 40.00 oct 10 sold 2.carolina 40.00 nov 8 3.islanders 40.00 nov 26 sold 4.buffalo 40.00 dec 28 5.pittsburg 40.00 dec 31 sold 6.boston 40.00 jan 4 7.florida 40.00 jan 6 8.philly 40.00 jan 21 sold 9.buffalo 40.00 jan 24 10.florida 40.00 feb 11 sold 11.vancouver 40.00 feb 24 12.chicage 40.00 mar 27 13.islanders 40.00 apr 3
  3. i can find every other hat but that one
  4. hat im looking for can anyone help?
  5. mfb42183

    Vault sale?

    yeah since i printed out the ticket and im leaveling early for the game
  6. Sold sorry Guys the response wasn't quicker
  7. i cant go i won them if you want them pm me and ill call the devils and set it up
  8. i was very happy to get his autograph being that i didnt have his untill today...i was very thankfull he came out as well as the other devils who werent suppose to be there marty/colin where the two i got a chance to talk to most and where very very cool
  9. yeah he is now one of the few i dont have (elias) and clarkson im happy for him and im sure we the fans will get another chance with him i saw something for the 19th for marty stevens and clarkson is that an old sigining???? also something for harry carson of the giants there as well
  10. is it me or did kovy seem like he didnt wanna be there and yes clarksons wife was in labor but elias hmmm?
  11. i called them twice they told me if i where you id bring your jersey???? i doubt its just a shake your hand kind of thing i think its either a autograph or a photo with the player and if your lucky you might get both
  12. i was there at 9 as well first in line and yeah that big guy was as ass he kicked everyone out and then allowed some other people "vips" to a free event really????? to cut in front of everyone i was lucky enough to get a picture with zach apperently after me they werent going to allow any more personal photos
  13. just got back from the zach signing what a nice guy ford on the other hand clearly wasnt ready anyone who went today knows what im talking about
  14. No they didn't say there was any type of limit I'm takeing mass transit and mainly going for the wife I. Wanna make sure I'm getting her jersey signed by the way they are handing out free signed photos of zach
  15. I called and asked ford and they said I could bring what ever I want I'm going to bring my wifes jersey as far as why its free I think zach has a deal with ford
  16. well ill be there for that
  17. Go early I am and that's a great looking jersey by the way know where I can buy one?
  18. i just found this out thought i'd pass along Saturday February 26th 11a.m. to 1p.m. Come meet Zach Parise of the NJ Devils Free Autograph Signing at our Hackensack location 520 River Street Hackensack, NJ 07601 201-487-6700
  19. yeah they will have another one they have 2 a year at least
  20. thanks devsman and ha iamtheprodigy
  21. i know where to find the promo's if need be thank you anyway
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