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  1. devils tickets 2 tickets for the price of 1

    sec 120 row 4 seats 12 and 13

    dropped the prices down to 40 even

    if you buy 2 games off of me ill throw in a 3rd pair for only 20 bucks any game here on my list!

    1.carolina 40.00 oct 10 sold

    2.carolina 40.00 nov 8

    3.islanders 40.00 nov 26 sold

    4.buffalo 40.00 dec 28

    5.pittsburg 40.00 dec 31 sold

    6.boston 40.00 jan 4

    7.florida 40.00 jan 6

    8.philly 40.00 jan 21 sold

    9.buffalo 40.00 jan 24

    10.florida 40.00 feb 11 sold

    11.vancouver 40.00 feb 24

    12.chicage 40.00 mar 27

    13.islanders 40.00 apr 3

  2. That was a cluster fvck. It was horrendous. The big guy that I guess owns or runs the place was an ass. I was not about to move my car to another parking lot. :rolleyes: Allowing a woman and her 7 kids to cut the line in front of me even though I was in line since 9am just because her husband works there.....stupid. Moving the line from inside to outside 3 times allowing those who were at the end originally to now be in the beginning and then yell out "Everyone will get a chance to get things signed!" is not ok.

    Never the less Parise was a class act as usual. My friend got him to sign the jersey "I'm awesome. Zach Parise"

    i was there at 9 as well first in line and yeah that big guy was as ass he kicked everyone out and then allowed some other people "vips" to a free event really????? to cut in front of everyone i was lucky enough to get a picture with zach apperently after me they werent going to allow any more personal photos

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