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  1. Good places to hunt for tickets??

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    2. NJCroMag


      Can you still go the TicketBastard route the day of the game...when they free up all those comps that aren't being used?

    3. aylbert


      True... that's how I got front row, center for the Foo Fighters Skin and Bones acoustic tour... (my original tix were delayed at my companys mailroom... one of the few times when the guy who says 'I mailed them, you should of received it!' was actually telling the truth :D )

    4. NJCroMag


      I got row 7, lower tier for Game 1 of the Devils/Stars SCF back in 2000. Day of game. Four hours before first puck is dropped...bam! They freed up tickets. Great time, man.

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