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  1. Yup, sorry. Went on Stubhub a couple days ago.
  2. I'll trade you a Mike Danton stick for two tickets. PM me if interested.
  3. No biggie... I'm huge on Tao.
  4. Parise had the game winning goal...
  5. I'm assuming you weren't watching the game because Talli saved two goals when the net was completely open.
  6. You must be the luckiest person in the world... I don't think you've paid for a game yet due to all your winnings. Btw, what are the Pick-Six numbers for tomorrow?
  7. Just a shot in the dark here... If you "went to highschool with a dude that works in the den now and he gets [you] deals", your best bet would be to ask that person, since he must be in the loop to get you "deals".
  8. A college student may be poor in dollars, but rich in knowledge. We appreciate you bringing your intellectual and educated conversation from Devilsrule over to this board.
  9. Thanks man, at least someone got the whole picture I was painting...
  10. How does a goaltender "look tired" in the first two games of an eighty-two game regular season, like a lot of you guys are saying? It's not like Marty played a crap load of periods, let alone full games in the preseason...
  11. My post was an attempt at humor by referencing Ricky Bobby not having a sponsor in "Talladega Nights". But in all seriousness, I'm assuming the Prudential Center and/or Verizon has insurance for this type of thing.
  12. I think sponsors usually pay the team, not have the team pay to put up the sponsor's logo. At this point, they should just hang up a picture of a big cat and put "ME" on it, because if you don't chew Big Red... then (bleep) you.
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