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  1. if marty bomb's in his 2nd year and thats when we have to give up our 1st rd pick
  2. and then not match poni....lou is losing it
  3. i dont like it and im worried about a really bad fall off at some point
  4. justdo3043

    Poni to Winnipeg

    don't know the details but its what im thinking
  5. justdo3043

    Poni to Winnipeg

    how did we not put up 1.8 for him....saving it for parise
  6. id rather he take the money in minn then play for pitt....that would be terrible
  7. ohhh mann Parise will ask for a $12 million signing bonus immediately to protect him from a possible labor stoppage, as well as another $12 million bonus on July 1, 2013 with kovi's salery jumping to 11 mill i cant see us competing
  8. yeah i dont think thats the reason we're not signing sal or marty
  9. The Tan Tax: Since July 2010, tanning bed users have been burned by a 10 percent tax hike that will stay put now that Obamacare's been upheld. While it doesn't apply to doctor-prescribed phototherapy services, some gym tanning services, or spray tans, the tax does apply to typical tanning salons. Jersey shore kids freaking out collectively
  10. justdo3043


    and we have a winner!
  11. justdo3043


    how about match that mug with the correct jugs
  12. justdo3043


    by this you mean beer....jugs
  13. justdo3043


    i think we should turn this into the offseason sexy elf thread...
  14. justdo3043


    chicken....bockkkk buck bockk
  15. he said the same thing before maclean got hired....probably for real this season....losing oates and robinson isn't a good thing
  16. really enjoy this guys video's so i thought i would share his most recent...
  17. justdo3043


    Giroux helped Hartnell almost be a 40 goal scorer he can def. get Zach their
  18. Think Lou would have a back up plan but obviously you can't replace Parise....remember when Paul Martin signed with Pitt the devils immediately announced the signing of Tallinder and A-Train
  19. i was wondering who that was lol
  20. didnt notice him....at least parise wasnt on tape
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