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  1. thanks for the info...had no idea that was a factor...i guess guys like Goligoski signed up for that early because I don't remember him being invited to the camp...either way to bad because he's deserves some bigger fan fair for this season
  2. very true...considering Burke's starting 3 up front will have an average height of 5'11ish....if you go by NHL.com's bios...in reality Kane's more like 5'9 and some quarters
  3. he's got my all-star selection vote
  4. Don't get me wrong...Devils rule...but considering we've been scouting Josefson how did we miss his teammate and 5th rd selection Marcus KRUGER...
  5. Agreed....I just think he should make a list as an honorable mention at least...some of the guys getting mentioned seem to make it only because they were a high draft choice...isn't getting enough respect in my opinion...I would think just being the leading scoring US d-man on the team with the best record in the NHL would get some mention from a national source
  6. Player - Andy Greene - Rank among US d-men GP - 34 G - 5 A - 17 - 2nd P - 22 - 1st +/- +9 - 4th PP - 4 GW - 3 - 1st TOI/G - 23:55 - 5th Sft/G - 31.3 - 1st How is Greene not mentioned at all for team USA?
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