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  1. Agree with that. I was interested in this girl and she was showing me signs and stuff she had a boyfriend though. But I'd message her and she wouldn't message me back (myspace or text) but she would keep hinting that she was interested in me.
  2. No but I do watch ranger games. But honestly don't care either way. I did as a joke put I was a ranger fan on hfboards. But it was a joke and nobody took it that way.
  3. I think it's been atleast 2 years. I pretty much stopped posting after I learned he went to the rangers then nothing until pretty much now.
  4. Nah I just kinda didn't like some of the stuff that was being said. I don't think it was too bad here but on hfboards it was kinda bad. I just kinda said screw it and went into exile for a bit. I do watch the rangers but honestly don't care either way. If they do win the stanley cup I'd be happy for scott and brandon though.
  5. Like 60 it was ridiculous. But I also live in a neighborhood that has a lot of kids.
  6. I'll probably start hanging out a bit but just in the offtopic forums. I think I stopped posting 3 years ago?. Maybe two but it was a long time ago. For the last 11 months I've been in college classes are working out except math (which I kind of suck at).
  7. Thrashers beef up blue line with Klee http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=212557&hubname=nhl there goes our season. He would have brought a cup
  8. He did today but he was probably hung over he's been partying with Pandolfo and I think a few other people for two weeks straight now. And I'm sure after he got his contract he went out and partied too.
  9. That would be kind of funny. It comes full circle then.
  10. It really isn't he's going to have more problems and get injured again. Then have surgery and probably retire.
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