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  1. I really hope Fanatics does not get it. I heard Meigray already has had some discussions with the team. From what I understand they had it basically because of the relationship with Lou.
  2. These are cool shirts!!!!! I should know as I used to own both of them!!!! Always fun to see shirts come around again. these are getting harder to find boys so strike while the iron is hot. J
  3. I tried to forget it but it keeps coming back like a bad memory! I nabbed the Salvador, went cheaper than I thought it would. Glad people are down on him as I wanted the Captains shirt. Did anyone else get one?
  4. I would be shocked if those rings went for less than $25K. The big question I have is why on earth did they sell them all in one lot?????? Seems to me that they would have done better splitting them up.
  5. I posted re the Lever on GW.net site. It looks like a real set 2 gamer to me, I just have issues with the repair. I own several first year gamers (including the Lever set 1 red) and none are what I would call hammered. Lever was never a big corner guy from my memory so the fact that there was limited wear does not shock me. Unfortunately I do not know when they switched the sets. Did anyone grab any Stadium gamers? The game worn ones went for far cheaper prices then Meigray marketed the originals. Of course this is what happens when you get blown out in a game.
  6. Yes Gabe it is me (not Chico). I bought it back in 1987 at a show in Philly. The dealer (who was a card dealer) said he got the home/away set right from chico and could get me a letter. The LOA from Chico on his stationary came later in the mail to me. I got it signed after a game but it has had several owners since I sold it (replaced it with a white captains) and one removed it (the only jersey I ever got signed). The 92-3 was a good shirt, they did not typically do CC special jerseys for guys that were not regulars/stars. Did anyone pick up a Stadium Series shirt? I got a call before they were posted but passed based on the prices. I figure I will try my luck in auction.
  7. Our offensive problems are solved! Oh wait he is going to Albany. Seriously, not a bad waiver pick up - still young and you cannot teach size.
  8. Nice one Gabe! I am the original owener of this one and worked with Geoff on authenticating it as many people were not aware of the late delivery of the 85/6 set. It does have an autograph removed. It was the only shirt I ever got autographed and was removed after I sold it many years ago. I just added a 86/7 home Kirk McLean - light wear as he only played 3 games (just over 100 minutes) in it but still a cool shirt. Tough set.
  9. Oldtimer

    Caption This

    Parise: Is that the Blonde from last night or is that her sister? Marty: Lou, for the 10th time I WILL NOT waive my no trade clause. Jof: Zzzzz.......Swedsih women are so hot....Snort. ......Zzzzzz
  10. Like I needed something more to cause me to drink!
  11. Most of the beer is crap at games anyway. Would it kill them to add nice micro brews on tap. Allagash, Magic Hat, Pelican. Now I would drop $10 fro one of those. I am thirsty already. I think they would only charge $5 for a 16oz draft of cat urine.
  12. First Devil I met was Craig Billington - autographed my Devils painter cap that was a give-away that game as well as my program. Best - far too many to list.
  13. Nieds was way better than his stats. All for #27 hanging from the rafters.
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