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  1. 16 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:


    From HF: Friedman on radio this morning regarding the deal:


    “And they just decided they needed that guy. And New Jersey held on. Held on. Finally, they threw Hall on the table. And even at the end, New Jersey played tough because Edmonton is gaining almost $2 million in cap space, and the Devils said, ‘We’re taking the extra cap space. We’re not adding anything else to this."


    Outstanding job by Shero.


    That's just fantastic :)

  2. 36 minutes ago, thefiestygoat said:

    I'll miss Larsson and I really hope he goes on to have success. With that said, I can't believe Shero was able to get this done as a straight swap. 2 people texted me and I thought they were joking. Absolutely excellent trade for NJ! Time for Severson, Merrill, and Santini to step up. Hoping they find a way to get Merrill on the left side this year.

    I honestly think we'll all miss him, he is a fine young man who wanted to be here. We all watched him grow and develop and he is still classy kid. I honestly hope he turns into an even better player up there. Still, you have toi make that trade.

    3 minutes ago, JSR said:

    I don't feel bad about it like he thinks it sucks coming here, just the idea of being traded in and of itself, that his GM would think it's worth getting rid of him.  I'd hope that only makes him that much better here.

    He's angry they traded him and not RNH or Eberle, I'd bet. Seriously, he was THE ONE guy they should NOT have traded to get D. Really unfathomable move - you gotta wonder what Yakupov is going to think when he gets up in the morning and finds out if no one woke him up to tell him yet. 

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  3. I don't have twitter or even ANY social media, but I got a text from a friend that says Stamkos signed with the Bolts and Montreal and the Preds swapped Webber and Subban. Again, not saying these happened but I know someone on here can check both of these rumors out better than I can

  4. The Las Vegas Flying Elvises would work, too. Just put a helmet on this guy, hand him a stick and he's ready to cover Tarasenko!


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  5. I would have rather seen Quebec get a team, but a big sheet of ice in the desert will definitely be an attraction.

    Will they be called the Las Vegas Aces I wonder? A black and red jersey with a spade on the front? 

  6. On 6/6/2016 at 11:12 AM, Daniel said:

    With Columbus, I would take back someone like Hartnell and might give a little more.  

    From everything you hear, the expansion rules are going to be very brutal for a team like Columbus, who also can't afford to buy out players with NMCs (and it isn't even clear whether that would work).  I would leave no stone unturned in trying to take advantage of that situation.

    Looks like Hartnell has waived his no trade clause and given Columbus a long list of teams he'd play for. Given his love for Philly I wouldn't be surprised if the Devils are on that list.



  7. wow i come to this site today and see my name haha and sadly, I will not be returning to the stream


    I wish i could have continued! it was super fun and met some real cool people.


    I don't even have cable anymore haha, so i'm going to gamecenter and a VPN myself.



    There are a ton of streams out there now (hockeystreams is one, plus the "grey area" ones)


    Thanks again for all the good times though man, it was great :)

  8. I agree with everyone who has already stated we don't have what it would take to get him, even if they are fed up with him.. He's a streaky player, like a lot of players are, but when he's hot he's the most dangerous player in the league. We simply don't have the talent to get him, and if we did put a package together there's be no one left for him to play with. Chicago just needs a stronger, shorter leash on him.

  9. I don't know how Lou's typically zipped lips will go over with the Toronto media, but I bet it will be amusing to watch lol. They won't like getting so much of the silent treatment. I wonder if we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see some stories on their newspapers' websites about their take on this...

  10. I'm happy with the pick; like others have said he's a big skilled kid who evidently loves Elias and anyone who loves Elias is OK in my book :) Here's hoping he turns into a bigger, stronger, faster Patti in the long run!

  11. I know people say Draisaitel is the best prospect to have never played an NHL game... but he's still a prospect that has never played an NHL game.  Everything I hear severely overvalues him.  Can they guarantee that he will be a top 6 forward?  Because we can guarantee that all but Gelinas are top 4 defensemen, who in himself has qualities that I think are more valuable than Merrill.


    He's only a prospect who has never played an NHL game if you ignore the 37 NHL games he played this year.

  12. It would be an absolute shock if Eichel went back to BU for another year. While I'm not familiar with Gudreau's college career, he was an undersized fourth round pick, who had close to zero chance of making an NHL roster after his draft year, much less at the amount of money Eichel will get in salary, bonuses and maybe endorsements, not to mention immediately being a first line forward albeit on a crappy team. He won the Hobey Baker and as a freshman. College hockey hasn't seen anything like him since Paul Kariya.

    All he has left to do in college is win a championship, which is far from a certainty even if he played for four years, and it ain't worth giving up being a millionaire at 19.

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    My point was that he was allowed to continue his college career after getting drafted; there seemed to be some confusion in the thread as to whether or not that was allowed. And it would be a big shock - if he hadn't come out and said he was definitely considering it.

  13. Calgary drafted Johnny Gaudreau in '11 and he played 2 more full seasons for the Terriers while Calgary kept his rights, so Buffalo could draft Eichel and he could continue his 'development' at BU without issue. He's in the draft, he'll be picked by Buffalo, the only question is does he go to the NHL or try and get that Frozen Four Championship and be BMOC for another year. I think the latter is a strong possibility, especially given Johnny Hockey did it there. I'm guessing it's a pretty damned good life.

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