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  1. "We found a chick who ain't from Philly!! WOOHOO!!!!"
  2. Schneider only gets over 100 games career by adding in his playoff appearances. Regular season only he hasn't played 100 NHL games yet.
  3. Sounds to me that while Schneider didn't want to be a part time backup behind a guy with 9 more years on his contract, he is THRILLED with the idea of coming here and playing with Marty. It's a completely different situation.There really shouldn't be anything but smiles between the two of them. Marty will be better with a lighter load, Corey's load will go up until he's eventually The Man, and even if he's 50/50 for two years there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and a goal tending legacy in NJ like only a few teams in hockey history have ever had a claim to. He knows he isn't going to claim "No. 1" with Marty here, and I seriously doubt he's a big enough @sshole to think that. He has shown nothing but respect for Marty and it certainly seems sincere to me. The only possible issue I see (and it's the last time I'll say it) is whether Corey can play 60 or 65 games a season for the next 7 years or so. If so, we're golden
  4. I think with fewer games to play Marty will be sharper. I think with Schneider having a good year the team will also be upbeat. Hopefully Marty will really enjoy the season, and view it as a chance to go on a 'Farewell Tour' as it were, and just enjoy himself. But I am definitely interested in seeing Schneider play 40+ games as well. It looks like he's played more than 43 games in a season exactly once, for the Manitoba Moose. I don't see anything in his history that makes me think he can play 60 games a season year in/year out yet. Maybe he can, but who knows.
  5. I'm very pleased with this deal, but I'm not certain we got the better of Vancouver's goalies.
  6. Awesome move, I'm stunned! Pencil him in for at least half the games next year I thought we might try and grab Miller, but jeez, this is a great move.
  7. Really? LOL!! [Cleveland Voice]That's just too muchery [/Cleveland voice off] But really, Congratulations Marty The best the game has ever seen, and an absolutely stellar career. I am honored to have been a Devils fan all these years and to have been able to see the greatest goalie ever, and to have shared that wonderful experience with my only son as well. This is just the first of many accolades that are coming to him, as we Devils fans begin to let go of him after all these years in our net. 20 years, it's crazy to even contemplate in these days of 'off to the highest bidder' hockey even while the owners still lock the players out every few years because of the salaries they can't help but hand out! But this is a great thing, and a real tribute to the love and respect for Marty among our younger and more "EA Sports' aware and adept younger fans, who really made this happen. So as much as I am happy for Marty, I am also grateful to all you young guys and gals who bent over backwards to make all of this happen. Us old fogies know you young'uns made this happen for all of us, and we are all VERY grateful and thankful to all of you. You did us proud, and you did the franchise and the greatest goalie of all time proud as well My beer is raised (literally) to all of you guys who made this happen From the bottom of my heart, thanks to you all!
  8. In my opinion only, guys like Clarkson are few and far between. You don't want or need a team full of guys like him, but when you get one you count your blessings you've got him and you try your best to keep him. A top 5 scorer 2 years ago on a team with Elias/Parise/Kovy and a top 3 scorer last year, and an almighty PITA to other teams on every single shift. Maybe you don't go overboard paying him, but he deserves respect for the ferocity of his game if nothing else. He goes all out every second of every shift, which probably contributes to all those off sides calls, but we need that. The kids absolutely need to see that from the vets. We've got an old team and tying him up for a while will show the kids what Devils hockey means when Lou and Marty are gone (both seem 90% likely in the next 3 years). If you can, you keep this guy. He is worth more than his stats; he is a guy who could wear the 'C' someday somewhere because of his skill and his 'hit 'em harder' attitude.
  9. jim777

    Thank You Jay !

    Retired or not, much love and thanks to Pando for all the great years
  10. I don't have the stats, but I would be surprised if Clarkson wan't 1 or 2 on the team in hits. He scores, he's an annoyance to the opposition, and he hits people hard and often. He also seems like a decent guy. I don't think you let a guy like that walk away for nothing, especially if you've got no one with that combination of skills.
  11. Nice save there by Crawford, Chicago better be resting their 1st line D for the 6 on 5
  12. Kane is going to be sore tomorrow lol
  13. Does it really stop counting after 10? I just voted for Marty 30 times in a row and it keeps letting me vote?
  14. They have a good team, a great team, and are having fun with it. We expect to be there every year, these last 2 years have been like snow in July for them. I say let them have their fun, especially if it grows the game.
  15. I think they will either wear the Xmas tree jersies they've been wearing the last few years or will wear the regular red and black. i don't think we see anything new until after Lou retires, which is fine by me. We have one of the best jersies in the NHL IMHO, and it doesn't need any changing
  16. jim777

    Rangers fans

    It's like I always say, it's just that 99% percent of Rangers fans who ruin it for the rest of them.
  17. jim777

    Devils Survivor

    Larsson + Gionta - Patrik Elias------------- 29 Ilya Kovalchuk--------- 27 Ryan Carter------------ 25 Adam Larsson--------- 22 Andy Greene---------- 20 Steve Bernier---------- 18 Andrei Loktionov-------18 Adam Henrique-------- 16 Dainius Zubrus-------- 13 Travis Zajac -----------13 Stephen Gionta-------- 12 David Clarkson-------- 13 Martin Brodeur-------- 12 Mark Fayne------------ 12 Jacob Josefson------- 10 Marek Zidlicky --------- 5 Peter Harrold---------- 5 Alexander Urbom-----5 Alexei Ponikarovsky--- 4 Eliminated! Bryce Salvador Anton Volchenkov Krys Barch Johan Hedberg Harri Pesonen Tom Kostopoulos Steve Sullivan Matt D'Agostini Henrik Tallinder
  18. Yeah, what happened with the equipment sale? I could use a few more Pelley SE16 sticks!
  19. Agreed, I like both of those guys on the ice. I see a lot of Flyers hockey down here by Cherry Hill because there is no MSG and they both play hard every shift. No, all the cool kids say "zany"
  20. I regularly go ice skating at the Flyer's main offices rink in Voorhees, and a Devils Briere jersey would be awesome to wear on their ice LOL.
  21. jim777

    Devils Survivor

    Henrique + Marty - Ilya Kovalchuk--------- 26 Patrik Elias------------- 25 Ryan Carter------------ 24 Adam Larsson--------- 18 Andy Greene---------- 17 Steve Bernier---------- 16 Adam Henrique-------- 17 Andrei Loktionov------ 16 Dainius Zubrus-------- 13 Travis Zajac -----------13 Stephen Gionta-------- 12 David Clarkson-------- 12 Martin Brodeur-------- 10 Peter Harrold---------- 10 Alexander Urbom-----10 Jacob Josefson------- 10 Mark Fayne------------ 10 Marek Zidlicky --------- 9 Alexei Ponikarovsky--- 5 Henrik Tallinder-------- 3 Steve Sullivan--------- 2 Matt D'Agostini---------2
  22. I think the lust for Miller is the assumption that after this upcoming season at 6.5 mil his price will drop to maybe 3.5~5.0 per. He'd also be good (you'd assume) for 3 or 4 more years @ 60 or so games per year, too. Let's say 3 Not sure of the whole story around Halak in St. Louis but obviously he's sitting and both of their guys are getting 3.5 or so per year as well, so Halak might be just as easy to pry loose. I don't think Halak has played more than 50 games twice though, so with him you really would need to think hard about who gets maybe half the games. Would be good for the kids if they're ready, but maybe not for the team. Miller just screams 'safe bet for the next 4 years' in my opinion. And Lundquist is definitely top 5 material, even without a single 40 win season and those couch cushions.
  23. jim777

    Devils Survivor

    Patrik Elias------------- 20 Ilya Kovalchuk--------- 20 Ryan Carter------------ 17 Adam Larsson--------- 15 Andy Greene---------- 15 Andrei Loktionov------ 14 Steve Bernier---------- 14 David Clarkson-------- 13 Adam Henrique-------- 13 Dainius Zubrus-------- 12 Martin Brodeur-------- 12 Mark Fayne------------ 11 Peter Harrold---------- 11 Travis Zajac------------ 11 Steve Sullivan--------- 10 Alexander Urbom-----10 Jacob Josefson------- 10 Matt D'Agostini---------9 Stephen Gionta-------- 9 Marek Zidlicky --------- 8 Tom Kostopoulos------ 6 Alexei Ponikarovsky--- 6 Harri Pesonen--------- 5 Henrik Tallinder-------- 5 Johan Hedberg-------- 4 Zidlicky +1 Josefson -1
  24. Lokti has big upside in my opinion, and annoying bast@rds like Clarkson are always good to have. I don't think we can realistically afford Vanek. Now Miller, if we could get a 3 year extension for maybe 11-12 tops, I'd be up for the one year 6.5MIL hit he gets next year if he is around to play until one of the kid goalies either proves himself or we get someone long term if they don't.
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