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    Devils Survivor

    Adam Larsson-----------14 Ilya Kovalchuk-------- 14 Patrik Elias-------------13 Andy Greene----------12 David Clarkson--------12 Steve Bernier----------11 Andrei Loktionov------11 Ryan Carter---------11 Adam Henrique--------11 Jacob Josefson-------10 Steve Sullivan----------10 Travis Zajac------------10 Alexei Ponikarovsky--10 Stephen Gionta--------10 Dainius Zubrus--------10 Mark Fayne------------10 Peter Harrold----------10 Alexander Urbom------10 Marek Zidlicky---------10 Martin Brodeur---------10 Henrik Tallinder--------9 Matt D'Agostini---------9 Krys Barch-------------9 Tom Kostopoulos------9 Harri Pesonen---------9 Johan Hedberg---------7 Bryce Salvador--------5 Anton Volchenkov-----4
  2. I tried to 'set as desktop background' and got a huge heart instead lol, but a great shot. Love Patti, and hope he ends his career as a Devil
  3. I can't imagine the Devils without Elias, He's been my favorite Devil for years now. Wish I could go to the game tonight, but I'll be wearing that jersey tonight watching the game.
  4. Let's Go DEVILS!!!!!!!!!
  5. Miller only has 1 more season on his current contract, '13-14. Personally I think you would need to get an extension out of him (3 years for something like 9 -10.5 mil?) as part of the deal or pass on him.
  6. When my 12 year old son turns 60, he will think back and tell his kids about being there with his dad Him in his Kovy jersey, me in my Elias Christmas tree jersey, both of us freezing and complaining about the hot dogs being too cold to eat SECONDS after we got them (for only 5 bucks each, can you imagine!!) in that January cold. I'll be there, no doubt With my boy Seamus, and we'll f*'ing win, too! Go DEVILS!!!!!
  7. This "playing with the lead"...I have heard the old ones talk of it
  8. jim777


    I still think he was a steal, and has a lot of potential. These dog days won't last forever, and hopefully we'll see him for a full season on Kovy's line and we'll get to see exactly what we've got in him.
  9. I've been called worse, and i never said i wasn't crazy
  10. So would I brother. Halak as the starter, and one of the kids as the backup. I think at the end of last season Marty wanted one more year, and got the 2 year deal from Lou in case there was no hockey at all this year. I really don't think he ever thought 2 more years after last season. He's getting his year, we've lost 8 in a row for the first time since '91-'92, I don't think he will make his decision to retire until after the season but I personally feel it's 50/50 tops that he comes back next year. I would be happy with Miller too if he would give us a 3 year extension at more like 3 or 3.5 million per rather than the 6 he's getting now. I wouldn't give him 6 per and i wouldn't take him without an extension either.
  11. I like him; like his brother better but still like him.
  12. I think a Devils - Preds WC has the chance to give Saturday afternoon Women's Professional Bowling a good run for its money on national TV, is what I'm thinkin'.
  13. That save attempt i have seen my son do 1000 times in NHL '13, but I was stunned to see it in a game. I called my wife into the room to watch the replay.
  14. I think they signed both Marty and Moose for 2 years thinking they would give them one more season, and that this one simply wouldn't get played. But you are 100% right, Marty has to decide to step aside on his own, you can't push him out after what he has meant to the franchise. But how nice would it be to see a young gun whippersnapper of only 32 or 33 in the pipes?
  15. Not to break up the conversation but I'm disappointed in the team like everyone else. Worst thing about it is they do look like they're trying, and trying hard, but the scoring talent just isn't there. As long as they keep at it I'll keeep watching them lose, what else can you do? I do think Marty should retire though (first time I've ever said that or felt that), and so should Moose, and we should grab someone in the offseason like Miller (maybe?) and let the kids back him up until they are ready. We need some wholesale changes, and there's no time like the present.
  16. Nice hustle, keep it up boys! build on it
  17. exactly the kind of bounce we don't seem to get
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