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  1. Here you go - exclusive video of Hynes' first interview and sit down with Lou https://youtu.be/2wkyR9dlcoo
  2. Streaming now: http://devils.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=105769
  3. NHL.com says "New Jersey would have to send Pittsburgh a third-round pick in one of the next three NHL drafts as compensation for Hynes."
  4. "Kalinin this week returned to Russia from the United States, where he had an additional medical examination, - said Holin. - There's Sergei reiterated that all is well with him and he can proceed to full loads. In addition, in New York he I had a meeting with the leaders of "New Jersey", who offered him a contract for next season." This is from his agent, from here: http://rsport.ru/hockey/20150523/834107452.html
  5. Walls aren't cheap, especially when you are also busy expanding your boundaries!
  6. That's a very soviet-era style thing to contemplate, how do you pretend to be a free country (and at his point they are really only pretending) and then make it illegal to go to work somewhere else? How do you enforce that?
  7.  Mods if this doesn't deserve its own thread please feel free to delete http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2471001-mike-babcock-to-maple-leafs-latest-contract-details-comments-reaction The Maple Leafs announced the deal Wednesday afternoon: Brendan Shanahan, President and Alternate Governor of the Toronto Maple Leafs, announced today that Mike Babcock has been named the 30th head coach in the club’s history. Babcock, 52, joins the Leafs after serving as head coach of the Detroit Red Wings for the past 10 seasons. According to Darren Dreger of TSN, Babcock's deal with the Maple Leafs will pay him around $50 million for the next eight years: Sources say Mike Babcock has been hired by the Maple Leafs. Mammoth 8 yr contract believed to be around $50 million. — Darren Dreger (@DarrenDreger) May 20, 2015
  8. Hextall hired his kid's coach His son plays for him now so Hextall knows him pretty well.
  9. Forgone conclusion? Presidents Trophy or not, I think looking at the 4 teams left the best is in the west. The Ducks are 9-1 so far this post season, with none of the lapses the 9-5 Rags have shown.
  10. In South Jersey the Flyers fans I know understand hockey and their team. The few Rangers fans I know are fly by night types who don't really love the game itself just their team- they would never consider watching Ducks/Hawks for example.
  11. I know it's just me, but when I think of how we might have turned out if we hadn't lost 'guy x', it's never Parise or Kovy but Alex Vasyunov. I was sitting just 3 rows back from the glass when he scored his only NHL goal against the Oilers (with tickets from the giveaway), and it still kills me that he and all those others had to die in such am unbelievably stupid and avoidable way.
  12. Where I grew up in the Bronx I was the only Devils fan I knew, though the Rags were maybe 70/30 over the Islanders. Here in Camden County, it's easily 95% Flyers 5% everyone else. Seriously though, they hate the Devils down here, even more than they hate Crosby (which is saying something)
  13. Surprised by the timing, but not upset at Lou stepping down. I will hold my opinion of Shero until I hear the guy speak, but I think this brings the Devils into the 'modern era', so it's a good move.
  14. McDavid is evidently looking forward to playing with the 3 other #1 picks they have there. I'm guessing the Oilers will try hard to get McLellan, and trade one of the former #1's for defensive help. With the addition of McDavid and a good coach who has some say in personnel moves the Oilers may just have their missing piece. And even if they continue to wallow in sub-mediocrity, they will sell a billion McDavid jerseys, probably enough to cover whatever signing bonus they want to give him.
  15. I'm good with keeping the pick and hoping for Marner.
  16. Funny how the US vs US series have been well fought matches, but the Canadian vs Canadian matches are like Game of Thrones red Wedding matches! Where is that Canadian politeness Vancouver, are you upset by something Ottawa? lol Good times, good hockey But mostly, good hockey
  17. Honestly, I think the key to a Pens victory is the Rags plane crashing. Outside of that I don't think the Pens have a realistic chance against the them.
  18. I'm rooting for South Jersey's Johnny Gaudreau and the Flames. My son learned to play ice hockey at Hollydell from Johnny's dad Guy (a great guy, buy the way) http://www.calgarysun.com/2015/02/07/daddy-hockey-reveling-in-sons-success
  19. jim777

    Capgeek is closed.

    He can't have been very old either, going by his picture. RIP Matthew
  20. That was great, thanks for posting
  21. I hate to agree with something so pessimistic, so I'll just say I don't disagree with this lol. Always hoping for the best though, pics are opportunities.
  22. Sad to see him go, as he is one of my all time favorite players. Good for him though, and good for us.
  23. Year 1- Create a plan to raise test scores, publish plan as proof of work at end of year Year 2 - Design pieces needed to be implemented to introduce the plan into the schools Year 3 - Design a plan to get the money to fund the plan outlined in Year 1 Year 4 - Get the money, and start working on components outlined in Year 2 Year 5 - Test the plan on a small scale, to see if it works Year 6 - Determine plan (once implemented) lowers grades and now teaches children to take their shows off to count to 20, but roll out statewide anyway due to cost incurred in Year 4 Year 7- Create a plan to raise test scores, publish plan as proof of work at end of year That's how you change curriculum in NJ!
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