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  1. When I read the thread title, it reminded me of the Yankees paying Elway 1 Million to play centerfield for Columbus for a season. He was supposed to be the next Mickey Mantle with that cannon arm and great swing, and George tried his damndest to sign him.
  2. Damn '95 was SOOOO much fun It would be great to see all those guys again, thank them all again for bringing home the Cup and letting them know we'll never forget. Will have to blow the dust out of my wallet for this one
  3. Dean Lombardi needs a little help with his metaphors LOL " "That's the thing we've got to work through," Lombardi said. "Mike, in his career, he's shown he can be a .330 hitter and get you 80 RBIs and be an All-Star player. So maybe at this stage, maybe it's not there. But I still think he's capable of being a .280 hitter and do a lot of those things that only he can do. Basically, right now he's batting .200. But I don't see any reason why he can't get back to that. He's got to do what he's got to do." " http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=750433&navid=nhl:topheads
  4. The "we're playing a new system, and we trust each other" bit? Yeah, I heard that lol
  5. Would have been nice if that was Patty but no complaints
  6. I like how the defense is playing back a bit deeper post -Deboer
  7. Honestly, I think they should get as much out of Jacques as they can in a week, and let the poor guy go home to his wife in Florida. He's 69 for cryin' out loud, he deserves to be able to just watch the game without the stress of being responsible for a team anymore. Love the guy, but hope he doesn't come out of retirement here unless its a very short stint, like 'until the end of the year'.
  8. How many times over the years have we seen opposing goalies do all sorts of stupid things with the puck because Marty was at the other end of the ice? He intimidates other goalies, no question, especially when it comes to handling the puck.
  9. Didn't notice, but I'm only posting in one today regardless
  10. Remember those commercials when Tino Martinez took over at first base for the Yanks? I don't even remember what it was for, but he was on a psychiatrists couch talking about how difficult it was for him at work, following someone everyone loved, and he didn't know if he could win their love as well, etc. And then the camera pulls back and Mattingly is the psychiatrist? I think that commercial made his tenure a lot easier. As for Marty, I hope he does well, has some fun, and doesn't embarrass himself. Hopefully a ton of young fans who didn't get a chance to see him in the prime of his career get the chance now, and he plays in front of a lot of large crowds and enjoys the few remaining moments. I think I may be happier for the fans than for Marty lol. But best of luck to him and to the Blues; that's a great looking jersey.
  11. Is the question, "Who is married to Mrs. Phil Kessel?"
  12. Well, you can't just have 4 minutes slip all the way to 7 minutes, next thing you know it will be human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!
  13. Enormous soft spot in heart and head for Thurman Munson. I idolized him as a kid; cried when he passed away.
  14. I have Comcast for the internet service, so I'm kind of tied to it. I work on Wall St. and need the reliability in order to work from home
  15. So our only other meeting with them this year was won on a shootout goal, and the guy who got it is sitting tonight. Anyway... Let's Go DEVILS!!!
  16. This is the guy who frequently showed up hung over if not still 'drunk from the night before' to practice, and slept with other players' wives? And this was evidently with Pronger in his face about it? You bring him back east and he may go right back to the bars in Philly where he was "the Man" and fall right back into it. Maybe he's grown up a little out in that mature mental place that is the California experience for famous well paid athletes, but I'd rather have him go somewhere else than the Devils, honestly if LA is moving him. That's a big cap hit for a guy who is currently 8th in total ice time of their forwards but still; has another 5 years on his contract You have to assume there is at least a 50% chance he will continue to be a bottom 6 forward with close to top line cap hit and salary (which is 8MIL per).
  17. Thought that was pretty good, and as an easy out the 'Devils are boring' bit is just that - easy. They weren't very nice to anyone really besides the Blackhawks. And as for the Penguins Cheesecake Factory thing, I LOVE the Cheesecake Factory Get the mashed potatoes instead of fries and you WILL enjoy yourself there every time lol
  18. I'm in Somerdale outside Cherry Hill and have Comcast. Somerdale is actually southeast of Philly, certainly not closer to NY! And I would definitely pay for MSG and whatever other plus or 2 channels they have to get the Devs in HD if it were available down here.
  19. the majority of fans just want the team to win, they can't tell you who was on the 4th line on a given date. they are fans in that they want the team to win - they are not fans in that they know how much cap space we'd have if any given player went on LTIR.
  20. jim777

    Wild @ Devils

    nice kill right there
  21. jim777

    Wild @ Devils

    Let's Go DEVILS!!!!!!
  22. I think the goalie will be fine. It's an old team, and that's sad honestly, but it would feel better if we at least had what could be the start of a rebuilding going on. We seem to just patch holes constantly, instead of looking for foundation pieces. Or, when we get a foundation piece like Larsson, he sits too much. I don't know if we need to let go of the coach or the GM, but we can't get the rebuild/reset started with both of them here it seems. We are in an endless cycle of patching, and this thing needs new tires.
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