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  1. Man up and win anyway boys! Let's Go DEVILS!!
  2. Playing a very fast team tonight, Let's Go DEVILS!!!
  3. Is this a hint that there's no Game Day thread yet?
  4. I believe he had a Markov voodoo doll while he was on the Habs
  5. Still waiting for the big save from our goalie....
  6. I bet he's thinking Ray Rice caused his suspension, given Varlamov was playing last year under similar circumstances. No sympathy from me here though, just so that's clear.
  7. This. Stretch it out to a record of 8-1 or something and then rest him
  8. Possibly foreshadowing there, but she was still acting from a script. Now the poor thing has seemingly lost the plot completely. She may be a catalyst for change in how we view folks with mental health issues; hopefully they don't simply lock her away or something. I know there are a lot of diseases and syndromes and such out there that require a share of the available research dollars, but few disciplines have lost as much ground as the fight to understand mental illness.
  9. Looks great, can't wait to see ours!
  10. It's the SHAME of mental illness that people need to get over - it's an embarrassment to a lot of families to admit someone they know and love has a mental issue that they wouldn't have if they had something like a kidney problem or chronic asthma or something. We all need to overcome that. There's a desperate need for research into mental illness, and support for those who suffer from it; it's unfortunate that governments are able to quietly cut funding year after year because there is so little discussion of the cost to families, individuals, and society as a whole. Hopefully someday something changes for Daniel and he can get better.
  11. I think it's important to remember the 'The Flyers' themselves aren't paying Pronger. The insurance company that had the policy to cover Pronger's contract is paying Pronger. A team giving out a huge contract will always cover it with an insurance policy in case of something like the concussions Pronger suffered happen and he cannot play. So, Pronger gets his check and the Flyers aren't involved. I see no reason for Pronger to owe any more loyalty to the Flyers than he does to the Blues or the Ducks. He moved out of Haddonfield and back to St. Louis so he isn't local anymore. The only real issue I see here is the Flyers not being able to get out from under that 4.9mil cap hit for this season and 2 more - that is a tough pill to swallow for Philly. I know Philly doesn't wish him anything but the best, but getting out from under that cap hit would certainly make them a different team and they know it (we ALL know it). As for the NHL job, I don't think it was a good idea for a number of reasons. I seriously doubt he will be making any decisions at all by himself (except when the menus go around the office at noon) so I don't know that there will be any real conflict of interest. That said, if he isn't running the department, what is he exactly, a gofer? Someone who is going to go over tapes daily to determine what needs to be looked at by the head of the department? Call me crazy, but I don't see how a guy suffering post-concussion syndrome makes a good choice to sit in front of a wall of TV monitors on a regular basis. Is he going to be some sort of liaison with equipment manufacturers? Clearly a background in engineering or physiology would be more valuable there than the ability to clear the puck out of the zone. So, what exactly does he bring to the NHL Department of Player Safety that a ton of other people couldn't do instead, and likely better given his medical circumstances? There doesn't seem to be a good reason for his hiring other than the NHL wants another "name" working for them. Outside of PR I don't see the value in him for the league, and given the questions his hiring has brought up I think it's fair to say his value as a PR guy is questionable as well. I don't have a problem with any of it personally; the man gets paid like his contract said he should, the Flyers pay the cap hit they are obligated to (like we pay Kovy's) and his presence in the league office will mean more Pronger autographs for the kids of the secretaries. No affect on us all in all (IMHO).
  12. I'm pretty sure that Chipper actually named his son 'Shea' And you're right - Chipper was a great player who was 2 ranks better than phenomenal when playing the Mets.
  13. Seems like he's got a good sense of humor - the other two guys are nuts lol
  14. Maybe, but I don't actually live next door to him. My back yard and his are right up against each other. Our wives are tighter than we are, the kids played ice hockey together for a while.
  15. One year after being named unfriendliest city in the world, behind Islamabad Pakistan for cryin' out loud! http://edition.cnn.com/2014/08/06/travel/us-unfriendliest-friendliest-cities/ Frankly, Camden is worse, not sure how they missed that
  16. Would be nice to see some Devils games down here with Devils announcers. Watching the Devs-Flyers with Jim Jackson calling the game is absolutely horrible, and I know the guy lol
  17. They won't be bottom feeder bad, if that's the worry.
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