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  1. It would be great to see the Blue Jackets absolutely tear them apart in their 2 November meetings in Philly.
  2. Like a number of guys have said, I like popping up to Montreal. La Fin du Monde on tap, the McGill girls in the bars on weekends are lovely, that French accent on all the waitresses in all the little places....that NEVER gets old LOL. Throw in Sunday brunch at Eggspectations before driving home and it's a great weekend
  3. I think he'll be a TV guy for a bit, make some big dough, and then maybe move tot he front office. He might just stay on TV though, become the next Don Cherry maybe
  4. Cory is now heir to the greatest goalie throne in hockey, with no dragons or Lannisters out to knock him off it This is a great place for him to be. I am sure he is absolutely ready to show the world he can play 60-65 games per, so in that I have no great worry at all. As for the guys we have in Albany, I would honestly be surprised if one of them became as reliable a go to guy as Hedberg was when he was on his game.
  5. Great for us, great for Cory, couldn't be happier I mean honestly, I was still smiling about Giroux getting arrested for grabbing that cop's @ss, TWICE lol, but now I've got a smile that should take me to August
  6. Same here. Would have rather had Pouliot honestly, but it is what it is.
  7. I remember Bettman stopping and saying to the slightly boisterous crowd, "You're gonna wanna hear this..."
  8. Stupid move by the Flyers. They save 2 years of contract by trading for a guy whose primary position last season was 'the healthy scratch'? But not complaining, love to see them crap the bed.
  9. Lundqvist is a good goalie, possibly even good enough to win 40 games in a season (though that's unlikely). He's not good enough to carry his team to a cup though. If the Bruins don't hit 100 posts and crossbars against the Habs the Rags don't even get to finals to begin with. The Rags got lucky this year, and won't be back to the finals for a long time. If Rags fans don't see that, then they will eventually. For the 1% of their fans that aren't @sshats (really, it's just that 99% of them that ruin it for everybody ) they should enjoy the trip and take it for what it is, like '12 was for us basically, a one and done.
  10. LOVE those Gyro II gyros A little sweetness in the tzadziki sauce, just heavenly.
  11. I would not be thrilled with this, as it would make the Devils out to be a very shady organization, colluding and happy to do under the table deals. that's not the Devils that refused to tank to get Mario Lemieux, that's a com0plete 180 degree turn. that said, 4 years/20MIL and it's Welcome Back Kovy! lol
  12. Chico was the best, so much fun to listen to, and awesome to meet at the Rock or wherever. I hope he enjoys his retirement
  13. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but it sounds like he might be saying he's ready for the front office, as he knows what the team needs...
  14. I bet it's a funny site, but given the name I wouldn't go there from my work PC. Not what you want on your PC at an investment bank i would think.
  15. I don't know, better than nothing I suppose. We'll draft a kid who may get a chance to play for the next coach. Still would rather have thrown Matteau back in the pond and taken this year's possible top 10 pick.
  16. jim777

    We Got Rutuu

    Finally the speedster we've been looking for!
  17. Is that show still on? Is he going to just stand in front of his partner yelling at them, or is he going to try to actually try to 'play his position'? Maybe he'll just take a dive first time out. LOL,
  18. I would really hate to see Marty go somewhere else, and am definitely one of the folks who want to see him play his whole career here, just like Dano did. But if moving on makes Marty happy, I will absolutely wish him the best. He'll definitely be back if he leaves anyway.
  19. jim777

    Please Delete

    I NEED this hat! How exactly do you post a pic on this board? IMG or IMAGE tags don't seem to work for me
  20. Marty was terrible, and it was sad to see given how much he has given us over the years, but it wasn't Marty giving up all of those 3 on 1's rushes in the 2nd period either.
  21. Marty starts this game - it's as much a lock as you can get.
  22. I don't care who we get, but i don't give up anyone under 28. We need youth, we don't need to give it up! Spend free agent money to keep Fayne, and maybe sign Moulson
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