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  1. Got a pair of good (though i have no idea what that means) tickets to the Islanders game from my brother's wife. The Mrs. and I are going to show up as a surprise birthday present for him. Better than nothing (ESPECIALLY since they were free), but not as good as seeing the Devils!
  2. Best of luck top him in retirement, hope he remains in hockey in some capacity. Was happy to see him as Captain of the last USA Olympic team as well
  3. I was very busy last night and only saw about 5 minutes of the end of the game. I had checked NHL.com earlier though, and could have sworn it said Canadiens 3, Devils 1. So, saw the last few minutes mostly out of the corner of my eye with the sound off, then saw Price rushing off the ice and was like, "What the hell?!?" LOL Great beating them and avoiding the series sweep
  4. Like someone else already said, haters gonna hate. I like when someone singles us out actually, gives me a chance to point out the success of the franchise
  5. Rafalski left to play for the team he rooted for and loved above all else when he was a kid. Parise left to play for a team that didn't even exist when he was a kid.
  6. Hope he's here next year Would have LOVED to have gotten him when he left the Caps but better late than never! One of my all -time favorite players.
  7. I have Firefox 25, Chrome 31, and IE 11 on my main home machine, and IE11 is easily my favorite. It's the most stable, uses the least memory, and is the fastest. If that should change in a week or three i will rely more heavily on one of the others, but I use all three and like speed and stability. Firefox is a memory hog to epic proportions, I honestly can't see how anyone who has used both in the last year can prefer FireFox.
  8. A great Devil, best of luck to him in the future
  9. jim777

    BuffaLOL @ The Rock

    Nice to get the win before the shootout, but definitely nice to get the win
  10. jim777

    Devils @ Canes 7:PM

    I want to get another dog just so I can name it Jagr He has always been a favorite of mine, but to see him in our jersey and watch him dominate game after game is a really awesome thing. Honestly, I hope he sticks around past this season if he wants to.
  11. We need to start calling Harris "Donder" instead. It's going to happen anyway, why not jump ahead of the curve?
  12. Let's Go DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Let's Go DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I think the devils made the best choice for the jersey for this game. Lots of folks already have them, so there will be a ton of them in the stadium. And it is a GREAT looking jersey as well.
  15. Will they do every team or just those 7? Seems odd they would have left out the Leafs, given the number of fans they have.
  16. Let's Go DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!! KILL, DESTROY, SLASH AND BURN!!!!!! (and have fun out there )
  17. The Flyers guy is a bit of @sshole, but his wife and kids are very nice. My backyard fence separates his house from mine. As for Trautwig and Chico, the thing is Chico is a very pleasant guy and Trautwig isn't. Chico might be a huge homer but he isn't mean spirited about it and gives credit where it is due, usually
  18. jim777


    Ah, poor b@stard,I bet that hurts like crazy. He always struck me as a anice enough guy, hopefully he'll come back from that 100%
  19. Is it too early to extend Jagr's contract?
  20. Simmonds for Hemsky makes the Flyers worse; I can't see why the Flyers would trade him, but they've made a habit of bad trades in the last few years.
  21. Beat 'em DOWN!!!!! DOWN DOWN DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add some black to the blue and all that lol
  22. Giroux was amazing, and Hartnell was great as well when Jagr was on the team. Jagr just made them all better, and they let him walk and all their stars fell to Earth. Well, Except for Bryz, he's still up in the heavens somewhere lol Never skated at the Coliseum, only moved around here in '04, and I think it was gone by then? the SkateZone is pretty nice though.
  23. The best things about the Flyers right now is the SkateZones I love the one in Voorhees. Holmgren lives around the block from me, and seems like a nice enough guy to say "Hi" to, but he has made some enormous mistakes recently. Philly has talent, but they are an absolute mess at the moment.
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