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  1. I think we got about 16 inches Tues/Wed. We got 28.5 Saturday. I'm in Blackwood, near Somerdale/Cherry Hill. For the out of staters, that between exits 3 and 4 This is from my front porch last night around 5PM. The top of the mailbox post is about 5 feet off the ground.
  2. jim777

    Stop Blaming Kovy

    Kovy will be fine. If he had managed to score last night in the third his ears would still be ringing from the crowd's reaction.
  3. Yes indeed, I hope they have success there.
  4. For a solid defenseman who wins lots of faceoffs? Sorry, it was right there for the taking
  5. We got at least 8 inches last night in Blackwood, and it's been pouring snow for about an hour now. You can't leave the house without sunglasses or you'll go blind.
  6. I feel really bad for the guy. He was evidently really happy to be back with the Devs, thrilled to be back, it was a great shorthanded goal around their Captain, and he's got smashed out teeth and a concussion to show for it. He needs a big ovation when he comes back, IMHO
  7. I really don't think Lemaire is interested in making that a priority. I'd like to see a tougher game, but I just don't see it happening.
  8. jim777

    The Guillotine

    Sean Avery, and for the hell of it (I mean, you have it out and sharpened right?) Mark McGwire
  9. I guess at the end of the day what bothers me more than the hit is that Carter wasn't made to pay for it. I hate hits to the head, and would love to see them outlawed. But somebody needs to throw down with Carter and hand him a beating for that, and that never happened. And I was waiting for it; my son was asking me who I thought was going to 'beat him up' for that hit.
  10. I LOVE the jersey Hate that first hat, though the second is doable.
  11. I was hoping to get one in time to get it all Richer'd up for the St. Pat's day game. We don't even have pics yet, right?
  12. jim777

    Snow Wed...

    We got 28.5 inches in my driveway in Jersey, and are expecting another 18-24. It wasn't all in Washington!
  13. You make a very good argument. I would suggest one of those fancy breads you can't make a decent sandwich out of though, like the ones with rosemary and olives in it or something. Then, fancy bread with olive oil, and red wine. And while I would love a trade for a good D man, I don't want another rental at this point for either offense or defense. I'd like to win and repeat, but I think we need more D to win. If we get someone else, I'd rather it be a guy who will be here next year, or at least a rental who desperately wants a lap with the Cup in the air while he can still skate.
  14. I disagree completely with the whole "if Stevens made the hit we'd be praising it" angle. I was personally never giddy to see Scott nearly kill someone who didn't see it coming, but that's the way he played. This hit was indeed a lot like a Stevens hit, but to me it also seemed like he was coming from behind Salmela. Stevens used to line you up from right in front of you. I voted 'not sure', but i certainly don't like plays/hits like this. I don't like hits to the head, period, and this was one of them. It's legal, but it ain't right.
  15. It's tough for me to complain, because I can watch Versus on my big screen instead of on a computer monitor. So anyway, this Kovalchuk guy, he's supposed to score on occasion, right?
  16. My heart goes out to The Burkes in this terrible time for the family.
  17. Oh yeah, it's gooooood LET'S GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. they'll be fine, honestly. just not tonight it seems Toronto has completely changed, they are a totally different team than they were a month ago. Great moves for them
  19. I think they're just real excited about the trade, and it's all new, and all that crap. they'll settle down and be a mighty force, but it might not be tonight.
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