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  1. Just got in, lots of beer, popcorn, and pizza, and I see we're up I'm going to put on a jersey, have a beer, and watch or run for the Cup unfold
  2. If I've been here long enough I'll take Stephane Richer
  3. Love those shirts guys! lol "I was driving home and it was in rush hour so I didn't want to have my phone out, but it just kept ringing," Parise told NHL.com. "There were like 15 calls and I'm like, 'What the heck is going here? Did I get traded?' Then I found out and I was shocked, very surprised. I had heard rumors, but the more trade deadlines you go through you learn not to read anything into the speculation so I didn't really think it was going to happen. It did and it's great." http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=516397
  4. If I had a Rangers jersey, I'd put my wife in it tonight, and she wouldn't know why I was smiling so much more than usual LOL only kidding, she'd know
  5. Lou better watch his chin when Cormier leaves the building! lol
  6. Can we get Potvin to discuss tomorrow night's MegaMillions winning numbers tomorrow? Can someone call into the show and ask? Maybe get a Super Bowl score?
  7. This goes against what has been printed in a number of places the last few days. First, Kovy evidently told ATL he wanted to stay in ATL, but....2nd, Kovy's agents told ATL they wanted 10 to 12 years at the 11.2 MIL per year mark or he wouldn't sign, end of story. ATL didn't offer that, and he's walking. All this shows is that he wants the cash first and formost. It has nothing to do with ATL, which he professes to like, or winning, which as far as I know he's never mentioned and neither have his agents. It has been "here's my mark, reach it or say goodbye". Atlanta has made several close atte
  8. This was awesome And here I thought we were being Rick 'n Rolled lol
  9. I don't care what happens, but I am taking a few hours away from this thread when the Super Bowl comes on! I can't type well with hot wing sauce on my fingers anyway
  10. But his reps are asking for the cap maximum, which I believe is 11.2 mil, for 10 to 12 years (which is what I read, again-should have grabbed that link). ATL didn't offer anything like that, even though they certainly offered him a a boatload of cash.
  11. I had heard he turned down 10mil per for 8 years, and this says 'highest paid' for 7 (which I assume would be the cap max of 11 something), so he really is just looking at stoopit money it seems. If that's the case, he won't give a rat's behind where he ends up. He might when he's 35 and hasn't gotten his name on a cup, but it looks to me like he's going to end this season and get the most money he can get from whomever/wherever.
  12. So, whether we get him or not, who can afford him come summer when the rental is over? If he's really looking for 11 mil for 10-12 years, can anyone do that?
  13. Is there anyone on LA that makes a great fit for us? Someone for whom we could send a guy to LA, that LA would send to Atlanta? Any expendable decent centers there?
  14. This is a great thread! I can only hope its this exciting around here come June I bet site stats will bear it out. So...what if we're trading guys with LA so LA can trade them to Atlanta for #17? Any three way deals make sense? (OK, I don't know the LA guys so well, just putting it out there we may be involved for reasons other than Kovalchuk)
  15. LOL, I laughed out loud at that
  16. "The latest from ESPN.com's Pierre Lebrun has sources telling him that the Boston Bruins are no longer in the running for Ilya Kovalchuk's services and the Vancouver Canucks and New Jersey Devils are only monitoring the situation. from http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=515802
  17. As long as he doesn't go to the fecking Flyers, I really hate that team.
  18. I don't get XM or Sirius or whatever it is that Potvin is on, but did he ever bother to explain himself? Anything at all from him today or did he just act like it never happened? Curious about that.
  19. I believe the full chant was: "Potvin Sucks,(duh duh duh duduh) Potvin beats his wife (duh duh duh duduh)"
  20. Agreed. At the moment it's difficult to see the point down the line where we take the Caps in a series until Ovie retires.
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