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  1. The Canadiens seem to be completely lost. But GL should have been gone a while ago, he never worked out in Montreal. There isn't a single Montreal fan that will miss him, I don't think. But I think they need a new GM up there (he's got a no trade, so the Habs lose a roster spot here! D'Oh!). He can't be put on waivers or sent to the minors without his approval. For the remainder of 09-10: technically a part of the team, paid full salary with full cap hit, but doesn't show up to work 10-11: officially bought out, 1/3 of his salary paid to him and 1/3 cap hit, no longer part of Habs
  2. I hate point fingers at a guy when they are clearly trying, but I think this was coming and was due. He really stood out in his last few games.....and I'll leave it at that.
  3. His glove hand is almost up, up, still moving...
  4. Weak scoring chances don't always turn out well for the Habs. They let in 3 bad goals in the first last night, and a bad one in OT as well. That team is a real mess right now. I believe this play may have actually lit a fire under them, but I'm still trying to find out exactly what time it was when it happened. But I agree, Janssen could have concussed him there if he wanted to.
  5. Yet another reason Halak should be the every day goalie for le BBR. That was a dopey play by Price
  6. Another take http://www.tsn.ca/columnists/bob_mckenzie/?id=306895
  7. jim777

    St Pattys game

    Section 228 here, row 4
  8. All this talk of burning bridges, stretchmarks, treadmills and high school hotties is making me want to go to burger king.Not sure why I'll be back later. lol
  9. +100 It's too bad about the concussions, I hope there's nothing permanent here. He deserves a head problem free retirement.
  10. Here you go: The Edmonton article took Lou's quotes out of contect by not showing the question asked but just the reply.
  11. Look, I might be new here, but I've been a Devils fan since '86. I know how Lou views the team. Lou refered to speaking to Patrice "only because of the rhetoric", you quoted him youself above. I also know that without an AHL suspension this kid could be in Lowell in June. I think Lou is fine with that. All I'm saying is that I find that personally disappointing.
  12. What I see from Lou's quotes is that he doesn't think it's that big of a deal, which I personally find disappointing.
  13. How did I miss a specific quote on a day when google shows over 150 new Cormier news hits? The answer is I simply haven't gotten to it yet. Lots of people who didn't give a rat's behind about hockey last week are aware of this kid and this hit now. Lots of extra coverage for the game being generated... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/18/patrice-cormier-mikael-ta_n_427103.html
  14. No need for that magic "talking to from Lou" to cure this kid of his 'go straight for the head' ways, as he doesn't have a problem with it. A suspendable offence, Lou? "I'm not the judge or jury, but in my opinion, no," Lamoriello told the Newark Star-Ledger. and "I certainly have spoken to Patrice, only because of the rhetoric," Lamoriello told the Star-Ledger. "I asked him how he felt because of the rhetoric. "There is no issue from my end of it." http://www.edmontonjournal.com/opinion/Time+stop+vicious+head+hits/2458089/story.html
  15. Absolutely disgusting. I hate that kind of play, it hurts the game. I know it makes me sound ancient, but I wonder what his parents think of all this.... "Oh Patrice? Yes, he's doing fine, thanks for asking! He's now the most notorious scumbag in all of Junior hockey. Did you see the youtube of him nearly decapitating that Tam boy? Yes, nearly killed him! We're so excited, Marty McSorley called to congratulate him on his technique!" Anything less than a long suspension and he'll just think everyone in a position of power is cool with it. Maybe a little surprised, a tad (a metric tad, mind yo
  16. From Ducks homepage: Ducks center Saku Koivu suffered a sprained knee in the Ducks' 4-0 loss to the Kings Thursday night at Staples Center. Koivu had an MRI exam Friday afternoon and is expected to be out 1-2 weeks. Koivu left the game in the second period after he got tangled up with a Kings player after a faceoff. He did not return to the game.
  17. If you want this girl to be yours, and it seems like you do if you're thinking of Vaentine's Day, you need to make your intentions clear before you end up planted firmly in the ground in 'just friends' land. Get rid of the ambiguity. I'm not saying grab her boob at the movies or something but let her know in uncertain terms you want her to be your girlfriend, and not one of your girl friends. Do it ASAP. Some women are under the crazy impression they can be great friends for years with straight guys who don't actually want to sleep with them. And the younger they are, the more likely they are
  18. I rememeber the talk of how the trucks going to Nashville were going to load up right after the cup celebration. We dodged a real bullet there. I guess the folks in Phoenix are feeling the same sort of thing now, but it must've been a lot more intense in Canada (sorry Phoenix, but its true). Canada needs a few more teams.
  19. Sakic has spent the whole season resting, he should be ready to go... j/k
  20. LOL But from the articles available I don't think Koivu's injury is something that will see him miss significant time. I'm keeping my eyes on him and Anaheim as well. I'd love to see Saku in the 'Noir Blanc Rouge'. He's one of those guys who seems to play better the bigger the game; just what you want going into the playoffs.
  21. Maybe a stupid question, but are we getting home and away on this jersey since it's a throwback, or just the one?
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