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  1. I think they were "letting them play" or some such nonsense
  2. Looks like a PK out there, they need to clear the damn puck
  3. not happy with the goal but that was a great pass in front
  4. The Devs seem to be doing a much better job of chasing the dump ins then they did againsts the rangers. there were a lot of corner dumps in that game where they just peeled off for a line change and didn't chase them down. nice to see
  5. Yeah, Mike Brodeur, le premiere etoile! lol Gionta got the 1st star against the Stars as well tonight, with two goals for the Habs. Don't know if Gomez got any assists tonight for the BBR though
  6. Nice wrister from Pando there. The yotes are hearing footsteps
  7. Where was this in NYC? No matter, the Devs are firing on all cylinders now Looking like the Devs you expect to see all the time
  8. Another goal on the PP would be mighty That place would be rocking with "let's Go Devils" chants
  9. Nice I was just about to say the passing looked much better than against the Rags
  10. http://www.kilonetsports.com/kilonet1.shtml That's another feed, this one needs SopCast as well = http://www.sopcast.com/download/ Missed the first period, 2 -0 already?
  11. Will someone have a feed later, maybe ?
  12. I would love to get one before the game, but I don't think that'll happen. Should be a great game though, it will be my 8 year old's first Devils game. He doesn't know it yet
  13. The producer, Lowell MacDonald Jr., is the son of former Penguin Lowell MacDonald! Seems like that makes an accidental mistake EXTREMELY unlikely, though I suppose still within the realm of a statistical possibility (though not probability).
  14. Not surprisingly, the guy in the Rags getup looks like he couldn't pop a balloon with a machine gun.
  15. Who got the three stars for this one?
  16. That's awesome! :-) I thought they had improved their attendance down there with their home win streak? It'll be interesting to hear what you think of their crowd after the game. Go Devs!
  17. Imagine if it happened in a few weeks at the Olympics?
  18. I'm going to assume the team got carried a way a bit by the game, and that that had something to do with the absolutely abysmal passing that went on for nearly the whole 2nd period and big parts of the rest of the game. But you simply don't seriously contend for a Cup with that many passes into skates, behind guys, and easily picked off. If anyone other than Marty is in nets last night, then the Devs get embarrassed and the game isn't that close. It was terrifically exciting to watch, but really, it shouldn't have been I hope the next few games are masterful dissections of other team's defens
  19. This whole week is really pissing me off. Fans with lasers, TV stations flat out deceiving the officials and the League, and officials....we' don't need to go over the whole Auger/Burrows thing again. Watching that moron on the Rags yesterday diving at every chance just really made me think this short year has really REALLY gotten off on the wrong foot. Is Bettman even paying attention to the hit the league's integrity is taking on what seems like a daily basis?
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