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    deadline deal

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but the Ducks say Neidermayer isn't going anywhere: http://www.faceoff.com/hockey/nhlnews/story.html?id=cc6bc31e-21dc-4414-8349-cd4b07feb14c
  2. I'll take it, and the 10 gray hairs that came with it lol
  3. brutal 2nd, thank god for marty!
  4. Eh, who cares? All the old Canadiens were wearing the new jersies back on dec 4th, and they looked sharp, so will you
  5. The Madden will be on its way to me shortly, so that's 10 to go now bump for a good guy and some nice jersies
  6. I would do the "Rangers Suck" on one of those 40 dollar Rangers knockoff jerseys instead. I'd make it a Richer or Lemieux
  7. jim777

    Another controversy

    That's cheating, plain and simple. I don't see how you can characterize it any other way. "FSN Pittsburgh, who had the game
  8. Montreal is kick ass. I love the way the cute young waitresses there always say "Bonjour!" so politely and with that awesome accent before the dumb expression on my face gives away the fact I don't parlay that vous so good.
  9. I don't see anyone as the keeper of Stephane Richer, how did that happen?!?
  10. If you can speak Russian, you can read their lips.... "Yuri, are nice pads. Are they strong like bull?" "Da, and fierce as bride from Novogorsk" "But not as hairy" "Da"
  11. Yeah, good call. For some reason when I was watching that I thought that was # 61, but it's definitely Jagr. The team in red was told if they pull a stunt like that again they'll be booted from the KHL altogether. Both teams have forfeited the game and were fined one million rubles. That's an American equivalent of $33,500. Since it was determined that -- in playground parlance -- the Vityaz team started the fight, the franchise was fined an additional three million rubles ($100,750) for "harming the reputation of the KHL, its partners and Russian hockey in general." Vityaz was also "formally warned of a possible expulsion from the KHL in the event of a recurrence of similar violations," according to the KHL announcement. Head coaches Alexei Yarushkin of Vityaz and Igor Nikitin of Avangard were each fined 50,000 rubles. Four players, including former American Hockey League enforcer Brandon Sugden and former Tampa Bay Lightning first round pick Alexander Svitov, were fined 150,000 rubles. Five Vityaz players, including Sugden, and one player from Avangard were suspended for one game. Jaromir Jagr, the future Hockey Hall of Famer and two-time member of the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins in the early '90s, plays for Avangard and was forced to participate in a rare fight. How is Vityaz, called an "embarrassment" to the KHL by Avangard's team president, responding in the wake of the brawl? The team has signed former NHL enforcer Josh Gratton and brought back notorious NHL fighter Chris Simon. from http://nhl.fanhouse.com/2010/01/10/instigating-hockey-brawl-costs-russian-team-four-million-rubles/
  12. Totally agree. Nothing says you believe in your team like pulling this sort of bs stunt on the other goalie.
  13. That, while astounding and amusing to watch on youtube, doesn't do it for me if I'm in the stands. If I got 3:19 of hockey for my ticket I'd have been pissed! I could see Rangers and Flyers fans hoping this could happen at one of their games though, especially against each other 691 minutes of penalties.. Some of Jagr's post game comments: Jagr: "I've never seen anything like this before. I have never even heard of such situations. And of course it never happened in the NHL when I was playing there. It just couldn't happen. Why not? Jagr: "The rules. If players fight during the warm-up or jump from the bench to the ice during a fight they can get suspended for 20 games. And it means losing a quarter of the salary. To tell you more, the suspension can be even more severe -- six months or a year. No one would like to get a one-year suspension as a result of stupid behavior." In your opinion, why did this brawl start? Jagr: "Because their tough guy Darcy Verot threw the puck at one of our players. Then he skated to another our player at the red line and speared him." And how did it happen that you fought Verot? On the video there are you standing near Verot and in the next moment he punches you in the face. As you were not ready for this punch you fell down. Then you get up and got a grip on him. It looked like Greco-Roman wrestling. Jagr: "If you're a tough guy you should respect the honor code. There were people fighting around us and I was holding Verot. Then he told me: "Ok, we are done. No fighting". I released his hand and in a second he punched me in the face. I didn't see that coming and that's why I fell down." That's just mean Jagr: "Yes. But this is what kind of a person Verot is." from http://www.russianhockeyfans.com/khl/jaromir-jagr-ive-never-seen-a-fight-like-this-before-102.html)
  14. Just found this forum recently, but I've been a Devs fan since '86. I'm in South Jersey annoying the Flyers fans with the Devs stickers on my car Anyway, looks like a cool place, I already bought a jersey from one of the regulars in the Marketplace, so I'm hoping to hang out and talk Devils for a while. jim
  15. jim777

    deadline deal

    To be honest, I think she looks like her age might be 5 to 7 years shy of her jersey number in that shot. Are we making a run for Saku Koivu? I can't believe I only just found this board, so many wasted years...lol
  16. I saw that game on TV, since I'm so far down the pike it's local TV. I hate the Flyers, have for 30 years, but I was actually surprised at just how bad the Leafs were in that game. One of the worst played games I've seen.
  17. Awesome stuff, thanks for the tips on the apps
  18. How exactly do you 'deny the charges" when you've got bullet holes in you from the scene of the crime? Religion of peace indeed.
  19. Cool, thanks I'm going to grab a pair for the Flyers game. What is the general amount of discount for the Comcast/AAA type tickets, what do the discounted tickets usually run?
  20. Why not grab one of the jersies for sale here? http://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=47872
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