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  1. Take the" ;LARGE" off the end so it ends with ".jpg"
  2. Loved that Jagr goal at the end Meszaros is STILL wondering what the hell happened there!
  3. Let's GO!!! Beat Them DOWN!!!!!!!
  4. Nothing but the best wishes his way for him and his family in the future, always liked him in our sweater
  5. "Philly coming out on fire" or whatever means turn overs galore from them. We just need to play our game, take what we're given, and capitalize.
  6. That should take off in Philly any minute now LOL
  7. The people in Philly will be proud of their team for this, I can guarantee it.
  8. Tough to leave the girl if you can't get her out of your house.
  9. No discussing Varlamov or his situation, but just this post on its own merits is 1000% true and accurate and EXACTLY how it turns out in the USA all too often. And she wants to say you 'touched' one of the kids, then you lose access to them too. EDIT - I don't mean hitting women, no one should ever do that regardless, I mean the woman getting the house and alimony.
  10. "His girlfriend says the encounter happened Monday at her home in the 1700 block of Bassett Street. According to the police report, Varlamov allegedly kicked her, stomped on her, dragged her around the house and threatened her. The woman had bruises consistent with a physical encounter, the police report said. Denver County Judge Claudia Jordan ordered Varlamov to stay away from his girlfriend and not contact her. He was also ordered to relinquish any firearms in his possession. He said through his lawyer that he didn't have any guns." http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nhl/avalanche/2013/10/31/semyon-varlamov-domestic-violence-kidnapping-assault-charges/3325925/
  11. Already posted: http://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=132357
  12. "Police said Varlamov was arrested on second-degree kidnapping and third-degree assault charges. The kidnapping charge is a Class 4 felony, punishable by to two to six years in prison under Colorado law; the assault charge is a misdemeanor. The Denver Post reports Varlamov will remain in jail at least overnight because he cannot post bail with an assault charge; he will appear before a judge Thursday morning. Varlamov, jail officials said, is in a cell alone because of his celebrity. When reached by the Post at the jail, he declined an interview with the paper." http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=689289&navid=nhl:topheads Not sure what the whole story is here, but I bet Patrick Roy isn't happy with his 7-1-0 goalie in jail overnight.
  13. I thought Gelinas played pretty well the last few games, but I didn't see the whole games so I admit my sample size is small.
  14. Personally, I would much rather watch soccer than basketball. I have no time for basketball, just don't see the appeal of "He Scores!" over 100 times in a single game. And baseball is boring too lol
  15. I hate bees, spiders eat bees, so an easy choice for me That's a B. smithi tarantula, completely harmless. You see them in horror movies because they're so laid back. One of 14 I've got here at the moment.
  16. Just sneezed this into my hand, go figure! (that's really my hand, btw) <A href="http://jim777.com/images/spiders/Bsmithi2.jpg" data-cke-saved-href="http://jim777.com/images/spiders/Bsmithi2.jpg">http://jim777.com/images/spiders/Bsmithi2.jpg</A> Can't seem to get this image code right...
  17. I think the queen will be better next season when he's playing behind the Penguins defense
  18. Ok, how much would it run me for two upper level tickets around the 50 yard line (or center line or whatever they call it)? 100 bucks? What's the hit for parking? My 12 year old has jersies from Messi, Ibrahimovic, Neymar, and half a dozen others. He'd love to see a game in person and I would love to surprise him
  19. My feeling is that when he wasn't living up (or down) to his potential here, and playing the way we all thought he'd play, he was playing over his head for our benefit. I wish him the best of luck as long as it isn't at our expense
  20. Thanks for that insightful post It was a lot, absolutely. But if he gets them to the 2nd round, or 3rd... then you pay the price without asking the cost. They have a new arena they are going to have to fill, and winning will definitely help that. As for whether or not he or Tavares becomes 'the main man' or one of a few 'main men' that will play itself out. Bottom line for him is the Isles are on the rise to an elite level and moving to a bigger market where he has a chance of making more in endorsements and other intangibles than he would have had in Buffalo. On the team side, if he clicks with the team and they all win together then the FA stuff will work itself out, he'll get paid and the team's bottom line will improve at the same time. It's all good for him if the team keeps getting better and he busts his ass to play their system. If I were an Isles fan I would be cautiously optimistic, but optimistic nonetheless.
  21. The Isles are on the rise, and with a new home on the horizon Vanek may well want to be the main man on a (much better than his old) team in a new arena. Expensive piece, but I think it's too early to say it was a mistake on the order of your average Philly trade.
  22. That is a great pic, and that was a great win as well
  23. Let's Go DEVILS!!!! Pound them, POUND THEM!!!!
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