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  1. It is not 12 year olds keeping a too old and too slow Marty out there - it is Devils management and the coaching staff. I gave what I thought was a reason for it (the farewell tour scenario), and you don't need to agree with that reason, or even agree that the reason is valid. But if anyone thinks Marty is going to be sitting due to coaching staff decisions, that's not going to happen. If Marty doesn't 'sit himself' for the good of the team, this is pretty much the season we're going to have, what we've been seeing so far.
  2. It's not about whether or not people enjoy seeing him struggle or sparkle. It is almost certainly his last year in the league, and the first time in a very long time we will be playing away games against every team in the NHL. Like I said earlier, unless he starts coughing up huge amounts of goals per period he's going to play in front of those road fans so they can see him one more (last) time. Maybe not in Philly/Manhattan/LI, but everywhere else. And Lou will assume everything is good enough until it isn't. And again, I'm not bitching about it, just saying my expectations for the year aren't high, and Marty's age isn't the only reason. It's the fact the whole damned team is too old. Anyway.........
  3. That's flat out ridiculous, he's a living legend - exactly the kind of player that today's 12 year olds today will one day be telling their kids they got to see back when they were little.
  4. They would have had to have been extremely blinded by their contracts to NOT know the big farewell tour was coming! this isn't generic goalie we're talking about here.
  5. I think, that given we're playing away games against every NHL team this season, that this is Marty's farewell tour and that's why he's getting the road starts. I don't believe his play will factor into him NOT getting those starts unless he starts giving up 4 goals per period consistently. This isn't a rebuilding year, it's the last year before the rebuilding (again, IMHO). I know it's early in the season, but my feeling is it is early in a season that will feel terribly long, but will end sooner than 16 other teams'.
  6. Let's Go DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Agreed. That said, they went 1-5-1 in preseason and looked worse than that doing it. Then they started poorly (last in the East, worst goal differential in the league) so they made a panicky move. That's their thing - the short sighted personel move is the patented Flyers move.
  8. That's what I was thinking Glad I got that center Ice package!
  9. Losing Urbom is an 'oh well' moment for me, nothing more really. The talent in Albany simply simply doesn't strike me as first rate. And the talk about Larsson in this thread is accurate also IMHO - he wasn't drafted to be a solid D man he was drafted to be a shining star # 1 guy and he needs a breakout year soon.
  10. Since it won't me money i'll go with Carter
  11. I think the arena in that Canadian Budweiser commercial was bigger than that one.
  12. RIP Denis, thanks for all you've given hockey and my condolences to the Brodeur family
  13. If you're in South Jersey you can watch the Flyers scrimmage by just showing up the rink. My son and I went a few times week before last, and Briere was there in his Canadien gear as well. Pretty cool, and nearly empty.
  14. Makes me feel bad for my gay friends; they didn't need this!
  15. Weird, works in Chrome but not IE, I guess my PC is fritzy
  16. "Unsupported video type or invalid file path." that may mean it isn't available in The States
  17. I don't know man, Flyers fans HATE the Devils, I mean really hate them. And a lot of that is directly attributable to Scott Stevens I've never seen a Flyers fan go red over the Isles, but I could get season tickets if I had a buck for every time I've seen a Flyers fan go off on the Devils. You are dead on about isles fans though, all the Islanders fans I knew in 1980 are still Islanders fans, except for me. When they let go of Tonelli I let go of them. I would have done the same to the Yanks when they traded Leiter for Barfield but Messy Jesse kicked much behind (not to go too far off topic).
  18. the only thing that comes of this is that the Sens fans know exactly why he left now, and likely won't blame him nearly as much.
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