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  1. To be honest, (IMHO) Vanderbeek was NEVER the face of the franchise. He's just the owner. Marty and Lou, those are the faces of the franchises. We aren't exactly the Steinbrenner Yankees here; we're defined by others than the owner.
  2. jim777

    All-Devils Team!

    Yeah, Richer and Lemieux have to be on the same line.
  3. 1 year at 900K isn't that bad, IMHO
  4. Are you kidding me? The subway system is excellent dude. I can't even remember the last time I was in a train without A/C, but it is years. And I ride the subways 5 days a week and have since the 80's; it's an absolute bargain. I miss Fuddruckers, took my wife there on our first date after a movie way back in the day.
  5. I think with AV behind the Rags bench there will be A LOT less lying down on the ice blocking shots from the Rags. I never understood why torts just didn't ride Hank harder and just play more offense. If they drop the uber-defense first mindset he might be happier in NY than he evidently is, and that team might be better as well. Agreed on the Pens point though, they would be a nightmare with him in net.
  6. It was that Darrell guy found the $300K worth of paintings, right?
  7. Exactly LOL. My wife and I used to watch them go through their crap saying things like, "this lighter is worth $200, I can probably get $250-$275 for this can opener" and the little ticker would up that amount like it was gospel or something.
  8. Not a one way ticket, you're already there and flying the flag
  9. Richer was outstanding while he was here. Watching him and Lemieux play together was as exciting as anything we'd seen up to that point, IMHO.
  10. I think I'll have my Kovy changed to Sykora and keep the 17. I wonder if they will give 17 to one of the new guys? You never know with the Devs, waste not want not and all that!
  11. Agreed; 3 second lines isn't ideal but it's far from a panic situation as well. I could live with that, and with our new goalie tandem you certainly look good to hit the playoffs like that as well.
  12. Actually, you can change a dog's name every year if you wish, but I wouldn't. Every other year would not mess with the dog - they learn it and go from there.
  13. From all reports Seguin is still a high school kid with a man's salary. Stealing Dad's car, getting plastered and sneaking back in before dawn, the whole 9 yeards. Let the Stars try and straighten him out. We won Cups without Kovy and will continue to win them without him. My guess at this point is Kovy stayed because Lou asked him to, so we could sign the guys we signed. He wanted to go home, Lou asked him to wait, and he did. I refuse to get caught up in the hate of the moment. I am though, perfectly willing to wallow in the utter disappointment of the moment.
  14. Yeah, multi-millionaires in their 20's who grew up with nothing are known for making great decisions. He played hard as a Devil, and that was obvious.
  15. Well, he's Russian and went home. Money is better, he'll be the best player in the league, the family will be happier, etc. I'm getting over the shock, which hurts, but no hate for the player, just disappointment thinking we were set for a fantastic season. But seriously, if all you guys wishing him death and all that would take a minute to take his face out of your signatures that would be swell
  16. Absolutely stunned - no words at all
  17. Hell yeah, I'm a HUGE Richer fan from back in the day
  18. I would take him in a heartbeat, and like others have said, would buy the jersey too
  19. I have two Pelley Easton S16 hockey sticks I got at an equipment sale, and they rule. Nice to see there may be more in my future
  20. I don't get to watch every game because I'm in South Jersey where there's no MSG. But when I did get to see the Devs play, and Tallinder had the puck, it seemed to me as often as not he just coughed it up to the nearest opposing forward. I must have missed the games where he was a good to excellent defenseman, because he was mostly awful when I was watching. I would like to see the kids play as well, to see if any of them has what it takes. We've gotten an upgrade in goal, so NOW is the time.
  21. He plays best when he's rested, and he can still bring it (just not as often as he used to). Plus, he's played 144 games in the last 3 years, Schneider has played 98. If Schneider can play 52 and let Marty get 30, we might be golden for next season at least.
  22. jim777

    Devils Survivor

    115 -1 is NOT 113 Redrum you imissed Lucifer's post.
  23. 98 still isn't 100, and the post I replied to was "among goalies with at least 100 games..." I'm happy we got the guy, glad we seem to have a transition in the making, but same as I felt when the chatter around possibly grabbing Halak came up, I'd be happier if the guy had played 50 games in an NHL season at least once. If it turns out that he drops off a lot after 50 or 55 games in a season we will need a quality 2nd goalie who can handle 30 games just to get us to the playoffs. Maybe, like Marty in his prime, he can play 70 games per season year in and year out. Right now I am hoping so, and
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