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  1. The listings says pretty much everything. This is for a brand new unworn blank away Authentic jersey. This jersey still has the tags on it and ready to be customized. I can send pictures if your interested in purchasing the jersey. I am asking $160 for it. Price REDUCED below.
  2. Size 50. Not sure which one I want to sell so if your in the market for a blank EDGE jersey still with tags on it let me know your offer. I can send pictures if the interest is there like the offer. Just need some money so unfortunately I'll probably have to let one go. Thanks guys.
  3. I'm sorry for your loss Gabe, he's lookin after you now man
  4. is Kovy gonna wear the 'A' for the season now or can this just be for preseason?

    1. funetiklee


      assuming just preseason. unless langs gets traded

    2. Scottie2Hottie


      I dont think hes earned it

    3. Quinn01


      I dont think he has earned it either. He is a great player but there are other guys on the team who should get it before him...Zajac

  5. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=5567270
  6. what are your thoughts on using a composite shaft and a wooden blade, same brand. Reason is im still trying to find a good curve and rather than buying composite blades I could use a wooden one. I'm just wondering how long it'd last for ice hockey
  7. why is that if u dont mind me asking?
  8. you dont look like a size 56 but if you are, here is a white for 170 https://www.rivercitysports.com/US/details-06.cfm?sku=118018 and its legit both Colin and I received our white EDGE's from RCS. I'm just waiting till I save some money to send mine in.
  9. so not worth the 60 bucks

  10. http://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=72299 Is it still laggy like the demo or running smooth now?
  11. Are the TPS just as strong as the OPS
  12. anyone using a two piece composite? Wondering how it feels compared to a one piece. I like the fact that if you break the blade then you can usually just get a new one. Let me know your thoughts and possible combos! thanks
  13. VIA Twitter plysenkov "What is a contract? This is the start point. I play in NHL not because of the contract. But I try to win the Cup", - Kovalchuk said #devils plysenkov Just spoke with Kovalchuk. Tomorrow a big interview in the "Sovietsky sport". A few moments ... He returned Sept. 12 in the U.S.. #devils plysenkov He's going to play for "New Jersey" all 15 years (not 10). And does not exclude that can play in KHL (if lockout in NHL).
  14. i had an EDGE jersey waiting to be customized. Now I can send it to Exclusive Pro.
  15. Why are you posting if you don't care, no one is making you read this thread. And the reason some people are still waiting for final word is because hmm I dunno we already had a press conference for Kovy and that was what a month ago and the deal wasn't even done then.
  16. TGfireandice I'm told there isn't anything to worry about. I guess this is just a process involving lawyers going through it that takes some time. Just a big LOL at that
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