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  1. believe it or not its actually better to get two 1GB RAM cards since you have a one gig stick in there already. Now if you wanna buy 2 2GB sticks to equal 4GB you could do that. Keeping the same amount on each stick helps the system recognize the memory and use it accordingly.
  2. So I was too busy to check the boards today so the first thing I do is check the post but no, nothing. What else is new, seriously I mean how long does all this sh!t really take it's becoming a little ridiculous.
  3. Would it be normal for the NHL to have made a decision on the contract within 24 hours. At the rate everything is going, you'd think It'd take a week.
  4. any updates about the draft or signup on the website?
  5. I mean honestly when I hear the news from these different "sources" I think nothing of it. When Kovy is officially signed then I will allow myself to get excited. Otherwise it's just building me up to let me down
  6. Gamebreaker- are you a Rangers fan? I mean seriously if anyone looks at this guys posts they are virtually all negative. At least MIB contributes significantly to this thread. And where do you think you get off telling people they are brats, what are you their dads? People are entitled to their opinions but you need to learn some respect around here. And if MIB deserves a "ass beating" go do it yourself. If you're not gonna do it then quit your complaining.
  7. It all depends if it is a front or top loading. You could technically put them in the front loader. Personally, I fill up the bath tub and hand wash my stuff..That way you know it won't get destroyed.
  8. hey guys im lookin to pick up a nice one piece comp stick. I was lookin at warrior dolo, easton s17 or s19, or the bauer supreme one95. I recently heard that the warriors have a history of breaking. I'm also not sure what curve to get. I am mainly doing wristers and stick handling (winger). Let me know what you guys like to use. Thanks.
  9. how much for this chorske? PHOTOMATCHED 2006-07 Zach Parise White Set 1 w/MeiGray Documents Also photomatched to LARGE banner in Devil's Den.
  10. ok sounds good ill let you lead it then since you usually run it. Looking forward to it!
  11. This is a pretty good article that talks a little about Johan Hedbergs journey to NJ and what he expects and sees the organization as. The video at the bottom is pretty hilarious as well. http://devils.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=536065
  12. I was thinking about creating a yahoo fantasy league since I heard it was free and the best. Let me know what has worked in the past.
  13. I'll wait til more news comes out..this whole in between period sucks tho
  14. I just watched the maple leafs scrimmage with the new rules on the NHL network and it was...interesting. One thing that everyone was saying is that the red net actually looks smaller, almost like a lacrosse net. I did like the fact that if the center messes up he has to take a step back and take the faceoff, rather than switching with someone.
  15. yeah the faceoffs are hard but I think once I figure it out I will really enjoy them
  16. I heard that Ilya Kovalchuk was going to buy the pru center..and he is supposedly in plans to put bettman underneath it
  17. (Edited) ELIAS: Lou are you really allowing this guy to come in here, dictate playing time, length of contract, and this much money? I just gotta' keep smiling, even if the damn russian can't even remember my name. I'm only the Devils leading scorer.
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