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  1. good luck! I'd recommend not checking these boards all day on your computer haha, at least for the first day. It will be hard, I know I feel out of the loop when I don't check it for a day or two.
  2. poor pando, I will miss him
  3. sounds like a good idea to me
  4. Revis isn't going to sign I don't think..he may even sit out this season
  5. if you would look below my avatar then yeah you could tell that I'm fairly new
  6. It's amazing how dead the boards get when its not in season and kovy talks aren't looming.
  7. hahaha but don't worry because I have a plan B that I will implement in 3 weeks so I can stress my fans out. I hope you didn't jinx yourself with that suit, you don't want to find out next week that your under investigation because of a false resume
  8. It's small though the X is much bigger haha
  9. Marty is so young looking lol haha i remember that! anddddddd Chris Berman ruins it all
  10. it should be noted that they won't be doing signings there
  11. if I understand you correctly then I'm gonna say that the Devils should refund the people who went to get season tickets after the kovy press conference. I mean they had it advertised on their website saying "Kovy's back". So if he doesn't come to the devils management is going to take a lot of heat.
  12. i think people are just sick and tired of all this and want kovy to come to the Devils or go to the KHL
  13. Damn, ive heard bad things about gamecenter too. And I dont like how they renew your subscription unless you call, or that's atleast what they used to do.
  14. I just moved to VA, I used to just watch them online at school. so where are most of the games aired and when I get them down here you think?
  15. aren't most of the games on versus or nhl network?
  16. where is the coa? also that pic looks strikingly similar to this Parise Puck interesting
  17. http://www.russianhockeyjerseys.com/ seems pretty reputable
  18. I've never had them take one off no but they are very very good at what they do so if you're considering this they are your best shot at getting it done right. I've sent my EDGE to them before and they do remarkable work.
  19. I just got my blank EDGE today, waiting on if we sign him or not. If we don't then I'll prob get Parise, there is the chance however that his deal doesn't get worked out either though.
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