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  1. tonight was the night. after 20 years - tonight was when i finally said - that's it on seasons. i have the rest of the season to go but i can't do this anymore. even if they had won this game tonight, it was the most boring slog i've ever seen. nobody wanted to be there. the sens. the devils. the fans - nobody. it was just not fun in any way. but of course they didn't win. they lost - just like they've been losing all year and pretty much for the last 5 years aside from 2 years ago. it sucks, but the team is rotten. taylor hall is as checked out as can be - between flying the zone - not back checking and waiting for a turnover at the blue line (which worked once in 5 tries and still he did nothing on the breakaway), and turning over the puck at every opportunity - he was just awful. there were no legs on anybody tonight. how do you only put 24 shots on an ottawa team that consistenly yields the most shots in the league. just gross - and so unbelievably upsetting. i wish i could just be numb to this but it still sucks to be so invested in this team when they don't give you anything to be excited for 6 weeks into the season.
  2. let's say that keep at this clip for the next 52 games and go 30-18-4 for 64 points. Add to the existing 14 points - they're at 78 points with 14 games left with 28 possible points. lets even say that 95 points gets you in the playoffs (i don't think it will). they'll need 17 of the possible 28 points which is like 7-4-3. my point is that they'll need to do well better than the last 11 games for any chance.
  3. i would very much expect that it is hughes with palmieri and hall only and nico gets extra shifts on the top line depending on game situations.
  4. i agree that he's been dogsh!t but my greater point is that i don't have enough faith in blackwood to hold down the net enough to where cory gets a start and plays well enough that they go back to him and he strings a couple games of good enough play that they see what they have.
  5. that's my point though - i think cory will play well enough for a stretch at some point that he gets 4 of 6 starts. i have a feeling the end season split is going to be like 48-34 blackwood.
  6. unless blackwood really takes the ball and runs with it, i would expect that cory gets a chance to get the other side of that split. if by the end of the season, cory has played 25 games and shows no signs of being any good, a buyout really is the only logical choice. the ONLY reason that they would keep this same pair next year assuming that blackwood proves an average starter and cory is semi-playable is so they can expose cory to seattle expansion draft.
  7. so tenneyson was an up and down paper move - i guess they're looking to save cap $ for a couple days?
  8. honestly - if i'm hall, and the devils give the contract that i want, i sign it. even if i don't necessarily want to be here if they aren't good in a year or so because he can still essentially force a trade anyway.
  9. i agree here. if he wants to call out the fans boo'ing, which is a mistake in the first place, there is a better way to do it. "its tough when we're in a tough game and the fans boo us when its an up an down game. at the time, we're tied and we've already had a powerplay goal. we could've used the support. but i get it - they're frustrated and have seen this before already this season. we're frustrated too. we have high expectations and so do the fans. just know that we feed off the positive energy so it'd be nice to always have that even if we're scuffling."
  10. My oldest is almost 16 and he looked like he was one of the kids in her 10th grade class. It’s ridiculous. PS - Cory’s house is very very nice.
  11. well, i feel bad killing cory now as we just went trick or treating at his house and he took like 50 pictures with the kids (as did hughes). love him as a neighbor. as a goaltender for my team, not as much.
  12. this is incorrect and mistake often made. one-way vs two-way simply has to do with how you're paid. if it's a one way contract, you get your NHL salary whether you are in the NHL or AHL. A two-way has a pay for NHL and a pay for AHL (much lower). waivers has to do with age and service time. i'm still taking my kids to the players that live in town and won't egg their houses so we'll see what kind of mood they're in.
  13. if the devils kept that pick, they were not picking horvat. they were most likely going to lazar or nachuskin if i remember the chatter at the time.
  14. you can send anyone to the minors that doesn't have a NMC. Cory has NTC, but not no-move. i think he's got another month before they go that route though. cory has been done for a while. last year's slight dead cat bounce gave a little hope but he has no reaction speed anymore. you've got goals going high on him all the time and he just can't get to them. he's down in butterfly way too early and he just gets destroyed top shelf. this morning - its the hall comments that stick out the worst from last night. i'm almost numb to the blown leads. but jesus taylor - just say that its just as frustrating and you know that the fans were really pumped for the season just as all you guys were and its started out the worst possible way. i don't want to knee jerk it, but those comments, as far as i'm concerned, ended taylor hall's time in NJ. whether its in a month, or at the deadline, he's a dead man walking for this team.
  15. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    tonight is not on hynes - again, i would actually said he did a good job with the forward lines. he made some adjustments moving zacha and nico for a couple shifts with hall and palms. he moved coleman with nico on a shift or two. and he limited the 4th liners. i know that we keep saying if they consistently play like they did tonight and against arizona, they win more often than they lose. but goaltending can sink that every time and it has pretty much every time this season. this team desparetely needs a LD1 and a league avg goaltender.
  16. these are quotes that get you moved. his play is also the kind of thing that gets you moved.
  17. subban was bad tonight. hall was bad tonight. and he is misremembering - they were booing when you were LOSING on the PP when it was down 2-1. the team has blown leads when they were down, they were getting booed. after they scored each goal, the crowd was with them and when they were pushing, the team was with them.
  18. This week on Fringe "...Ty Smith will draw in for extended play with the coaches seeing this as an opportunity for the young up and coming defenseman to get more comfortable with the pro game after only playing 2 of the team's first 9 games as they evaluated whether to send him back to juniors following a less than optimal preseason. John Hayden, who cleared waivers and has been playing in the AHL was recalled to take Carrick's place on the roster."
  19. blackwood was the right guy to start. he just didn't play well. it happens (all too frequently for this team).
  20. re: cup win games: '95 - Phish show at Mann Music Center in Philly. Have discussed this in the past on this board. Daniel was at the game and was like 14 years old by himself. I let my little brother go by himself so I could go to see Phish who'd I'd already seen 6 times over the previous two months. '00 - at my parents with my now wife. she had just graduated college and our new apartment wasn't ready. '03 - at the game with my wife. what's amazing about that too is that she was just pregnant and we didn't know it. Do the math on odds of conception + playoff wins that year.
  21. this was something that volchenkov once relayed to me - "not everyone can be a physical guy just because you're big".
  22. I'm a STH and I don't know anything about it - do you have any info?
  23. They actually did probably play their best game of the season tonight. They were harder on pucks and much more aggressive. There were considerably less team fvckups than there have been even though you still had players that have been bad continue to be bad. gusev has that shot which is great. just about everything else he did tonight was very much not good. he was a turnover machine and failed to get stick with his man that led to a good scoring chance for the rangers off his turnover. simmonds - for fvcks sake, can this guy win one fvcking board battle - he is boyle 2.0 in that he's a big guy that could not play any smaller. vatanen was not very good tonight - goal one maybe box out your man? as for the good blackwood made some terrific saves. i would've liked his rebound control to be better but he could've easily given up 4 tonight so good on him. zacha was great tonight. i don't care that he was off the score sheet - he played a great 200 foot game tonight and in all situations. PK was what he needs to be tonight - agressive but still safe and seemed to control the play in the d zone. rooney played a great game in his role tonight - that can play for me on the 4th all season if that's the kind of game we'll get from him. as a whole, this is the kind of game we all expected from this team. some letdowns here and there, but pretty aggressive for the most part and challenging the opposition consistently.
  24. barring several injuries - there is just no way this happens. also - if you mean 5x5 as a unit, the only way this could even remotely happen is if the game had an inordinate amount of special teams play where the top 9 were consistently on those specials.
  25. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    i think the entire management team from Shero through Hynes and his staff is blaming this on the players. While they certainly shoulder blame, these guys clearly have skill and ability. Its for the coach to get the most out of it. say what you want - this team is wrapped in a culture of losing. For the true core of this team, that's really all they've known. Yes, Zajac and Greene had winning seasons earlier in their career but that was a lifetime ago in sports. the one playoff run year seems like the outlier and these guys are almost conditioned to losing.
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