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  1. i don't necessarily think this was the devils actively shopping him. if you want to read between the lines, lou and the isles asked the devils - find out if he'll waive his NTC and then we can see if a trade makes sense. so they asked. honestly - the only two teams i could see him agreeing to a trade with would be the isles and the rangers. i don't think he has any interest in moving his family from this area for a while.
  2. pretty sure that zajac plans to raise his kids in NJ. they're pretty solid where they live and they're there full time now (meaning they don't go to some other house in the summer like greene back to michigan or cory back to massachusetts).
  3. this actually makes it look worse - like harris just knows this isn't good so let me pick what's around.
  4. This sounds like he's the hockey guy that will report to Harris and Blitzer about what's going on and provide either confirmation or rebuttal to the moves that the GM does. Harris and Blitzer know wins and losses and $. Marty knows hockey - they'll use him for that.
  5. whether its Hynes or Nas, you see and hear the same things - "mental mistakes" and "not playing the way we should". Sometimes, the players just aren't that good.
  6. there is clearly something we don't see - hynes has essentially been universally praised in the hockey community - players, management, media, etc. as much as i wanted him gone and thought he just wasn't working here - i'm sure it's the case where there's the right group of players (and they don't all have to be allstars) that will work with what he's teaching. the devils didn't have the horses and his message got stale. he needed to be gone from here but i could very well see him succeed in nashville if the goaltending even gets back to middle of the pack.
  7. Nashville has much better talent than NJ currently but is experiencing awful goaltending just like the devils were. If that doesn't improve, I'm not sure what Hynes is gonna do besides get everyone around him to like him.
  8. This was Vats for Henrique year. And I guess you’re going with the roster as of game 1? perhaps a little commentary is warranted with each post to prove whatever point you’re trying?
  9. sundstrom

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    i know what he's trying to say but this comes off very poorly.
  10. coaches can only do so much - players have to play and try. what repercussions are if they don't? who are they cutting? who are they sitting? who are they calling up?
  11. last year it was stafford. this year simmonds. where are the team vets? my lord.
  12. i can't go back and find the links/podcasts but, while it wasn't explicitly stated, it was inferred by the likes of freidman, lebrun and lavoie. edit: this was also back at the end of october/early november before the train went completely off the rails.
  13. if you read between the lines of media posts, ray hasn't offered 8 years (or likely even 6+) and that's a sticking point.
  14. it would make absolutely no sense to sign taylor hall right now in NJ for either side. Even if he wanted to, why wouldn't the Devils and Hall just pull an Aroldis Chapman and say - get as much as you can for me and I'll re-sign in the summer here with some extra parts as this year is a waste. Sure there's risk all around there, but that's certainly something that could be said. The only downside to Hall would be he could only get a 7 year deal and not an 8 year deal.
  15. sundstrom

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    When both coaches have said multiple games that there’s and issue with effort - that’s not caring.
  16. sundstrom

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    so i'm going to come at this in a different way. there's a bunch of discussions in various threads over where to go from here and what is really ailing the devils. let's get past the ray moves that didn't work. can we all agree that, aside from perhaps simmonds who we would've liked to give the roster spot to a kid and have that be an earn it spot for boqvist and other bingo guys, every move made total sense and in the end, just didn't work? for my point, i'm going to say yes, we're in agreement. so here we are with a team that is clearly playing badly, is coached poorly, and looks unmotivated. lets tackle each area: coaching and system deployment: - simply put, the entire staff should be replaced. kowalski's PP management has been awful. nas either when he was strictly D coach or head coach continues to make R-R and L-L pairings to the detriment of the team. grier - i don't know what he does. molanson - where have the goalies done anything to credit a coach. - the devils system is broken - their breakouts make it much too easy for a forechecking team to attack and not provide suitable outlets - the forwards are essentially stationary by the red line or the opposing blue line waiting for a stretch pass. it hasn't worked for a long time - why does it still remain? in the d-zone, there is no pressure up high and they consistently lose men in "the house" down by the goal player personnel - i liked the ray moves but they didn't pay off - its time to cut bait on just about everything that isn't a true core player 3 years from now. i will say the exception to this is palmieri, coleman and maybe severson. - we're stuck with PK and if he's going to be the #3 and actually be used properly on the PP, we can work with that. his attitude is still an asset which i'll get to in a bit. - get players that are properly placed for the rolls that you want them to do - its cliche and gets eyerolls all the time but it's about the "right players", not the "best players". the attitude of too many of these guys is rotten. i get that it's tough to put forth an effort when its a lost an losing season. but have some pride. where is the guy that says, "fvck you - i'm going to bust my ass because i'm the better player and I'll show you and I'll show them." that effort just hasn't been there. I'm not saying to get a team of plugs and facepunchers. there has to be some skill. but the bratts and boqvists and nicos and butchers - play with some pride please and play tough. team attitude - the hidden issue - more from the last piece but you know who's not getting any blame and perhaps should to some extent? Dr. Aimee Kimball? Who? The Team shrink (not officially her title). All the "Earn The B" and motivations and play for your team stuff - that is her department. And that's where we don't see it. Who is actually playing hard? Who doesn't looks like they're "going for a nice leisurely skate"? of course this is on coaching but she's part of the team that's supposed to get in guys heads and recognize if they have it in them or not. - PK for all his bad play, is by all accounts, a terrific teammate and all around good person. this guy loves life and pulsates positivity. he can be on my team with that. but there just aren't those guys that are going to battle and push and demand a strong game on this team. the leadership is too old to do this and lead by example and it's not their type of play anyway. the only guy that kinda has this is coleman. maybe palms. but its not in nico's nature. hughes was bar mitzvah'd 5 minutes ago and isn't in the mold that's taking over this team at 20 like landescog or crosby or mcdavid did. - this is the accountability we're talking about. it's not about a coach scratching a guy that played poorly. it's about looking a teammate in the eye and saying, you didn't give it everything and I did. the issue is, none of them are giving everything so nobody can hold anyone accountable. WWSD? - What would Sundstrom Do? Next year's team is Nico, Hughes, Palmieri, Blackwood, Coleman, Palmieri, Zajac, Subban. As far as I am concerned, literally everyone else on this team can go and get replaced with the right attitude guys. We must get a coach and staff in that can see obvious issues and be able to correct them. I'm not going to say i know who that is but he's not on this ship right now. ---- tl;dr - get rid of everything that is not essential and bring in guys that care.
  17. i have largely stayed out of the fray on your critiques of shero but this is not the hill to die on brother. i don't need spreadsheets or advanced stats to paint a picture. my eyes work just fine. he is absolutely finished. he has made it clear that while he's pretty much as healthy as he's going to get, he will never get his lateral movement back where it was and he has openly admitted that his confidence is pretty much shot. watching games, he was giving up weak and awful goals every game. he has no speed on his glove and his reliance to go down early has him getting beat high on the regular. no matter how stout a current nhl defense is, they're still going to yield shots. the devils, by hynes design and as was actually affected, limited the high danger shots at a reasonable rate and cory still couldn't stop a puck to save his life. so while the defense as a whole was obviously not good, it doesn't turn even a league average goalie (which is like .905) into the worst goalie in the league by a huge margin.
  18. my guess is mcleod doesn't PK and if you have Nico and Rooney out of the lineup, you're rolling palms as your 4th PK forward and that is not something they're looking to do.
  19. if you're suggesting a sign and trade, yes you can. but the cost on the return would be so large that nobody would do it.
  20. he ditched colorado because he didn't feel he could make the team and thrive as he did his rookie year with NJ
  21. both severson and butcher were terrible on that shift.
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