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  1. USA! USA! USA! Lmao, sorry fwiends, but Canada ownssss you.
  2. Game over. Getting pretty tired of losing to our division night after night.
  3. Was at the gens/sting game last night and Zacha looked amazing. He was really throwing himself around too laying a couple of big hits. His shot release is godly and was seeing the ice very well. Things started to get chippy at the end of the 2nd, Zacha being involved as well. I reeeeaaally like this kid. I also believe they gave him 2 assists, both on Konecny's goal (who also is going to be an absolute stud too).
  4. Looks like last years team..
  5. Anyone else enjoying John Scott leading the all-star voting? I think is a great eye-opener for the NHL to change the format of the all-star fan voting selections. It's a complete mockery of this entire system, and I think we can all agree that it hasn't exactly been pleasant to the devils the past few years. The thought of having John Scott out there in a 3 vs. 3 tourny while Bettman and the rest of the NHL watches is actually hilarious in my eyes. Thoughts?
  6. Severson is my biggest disappointment with our record being the biggest surprise! Lol
  7. God help us. Have a strange feeling about this one though!
  8. Never seems to work for me! Any other good streaming website recommendations?
  9. Yaaaaay get to watch the devils lose at work today! This team is brutal. There is no denying that lol.
  10. Apparently trying to obtain the rights to Belesky!
  11. Hmmm...given that Seabrook is a FA at the end of the season, and Chicago probably can't afford to keep him, he could be a piece moved for a rental forward or beyond depending on the price?
  12. Bahahaha wheres the "He's coming" picture
  13. Lol there it is...yet again. same ol same ol. Poor cory
  14. Ahh, there it is. We've seen this movie before.
  15. Yaaaawwwnnn…old and slow.
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