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  1. Such an amazing way to end the game!! LGD!!!!!
  2. I'll be at the game tonight supporting the Devs
  3. Wow! We got Arnott back! Just got the text from ESPN!
  4. Offense: Zach Parise 31 Dainius Zubrus 28 Ilya Kovalchuk 24 Travis Zajac 16 (+1) Vladimir Zharkov 14 Patrik Elias 11 David Clarkson 10 Rod Pelley 10 Pierre Leblond 9 Patrick Davis 7 Dean McAmmond 6 Defense: Andy Greene 27 Matt Corrente 15 Paul Martin 16 Bryce Salvador 11 Anssi Salmela 9 Colin White 7 Martin Skoula 6 Cory Murphy 2 (-1) Other: Martin Brodeur 16 Yann Danis 10 Lou Lamoriello 10 Voted Off: Jamie Langenbrunner 0 Rob Niedermayer 0 Mark Fraser 0 Andrew Peters 0 Mike Mottau 0 Brian Rolston -1 Jay Pandolfo -1 Jacques Lemaire -1
  5. I know everyone, myself included, is bummed about the Devils going out in the first round but in case anyone wants to keep up with the playoff wallpaper.. High Res: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4045/4561787573_346c049c64_o.jpg Full Set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/autigers350z/sets/72157623713280169/
  6. Agree with this as well. Just like any other human (wait, Brodeur is human?) he has his ups and downs, but definitely one of the best goaltenders to ever step foot on the ice. Way to go Marty!!!
  7. Check out atdhe.net or justin.tv. They both have live broadcasts.
  8. I'm a bit confused. Some of you guys must define "fan" differently up there than I do, but it kinda makes me sad to see some of you Devils "fans" hating on the team so much. I love the Devils and will continue to support them and have a positive, winning attitude whether we win the cup or don't even make the playoffs. Maybe some of you guys are just upset at the outcome and it's causing you to think irrationally, but to see all the "fvck this guy" and "fvck that guy" posts and all the negative energy toward our OWN team is just crazy. Don't get me wrong, most of the members on here have constr
  9. Good thing he's doing great, because we can't seem the get the puck out of our zone and shots on goal
  10. Wow!!! He is doing great! This is the Brodeur I wanna see
  11. Hmm, their website seems to be down. Sketchy! LOL. Cool find though, and I agree. It's interesting that the cheap knockoff can perfect what the high quality version can't.
  12. to last game being a sign that we're back on the right track. At the end of 2009, we had the BEST away record in the league, let's show the Phailures why!! from way down here in AL!
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