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  1. Nope. I like this board JUUUUUUUST fine thank you very much. =) There is nothing wrong with Rolston. It's everyone else that doesn't step up to the plate.
  2. I really like the "It's Better in Newark" as a jab to NEW YORK. I have my Langey shirt from last year. But I'm ordering a jersey (green and red) for the game - #23 DRIVER.
  3. It..was..AWESOME! He signed my Bruins jersey, puck and USA jersey and gave me a special signed photo inscribed to me. I was in heaven.
  4. We should've driven together! We'd have a lot to talk about!! =) So.. the Rangers game was yuck, but the whole experience was AWESOME!!! First, I got in trouble for wearing my #12 Rolston USA hockey jersey (stupid Rangers people). Then, my mom and I had dinner with Chris Drury's parents, who happen to love Brian. They also had nothing but compliments for Pandolfo (Chris and Pandy played on the same line in college) and told us about Chris going to the Olympics, Chris' brother who also played hockey and coaches a mother/daughter team. Then for dessert, we sat with Rod Gilbert and his wife! Talk about classy people - Rod had a lot of great stories. I do have to say that Donald Brasher is a goon - I tried to give the guy a compliment (against my better judgement) and he was extremely rude, as was John Tort's brother and his entourage, who took over the entire green room. I hope we get out of this slump. It's killing me. Flyers fans around me don't even have to rub it in anymore. Yikes.
  5. I don't know him personally, but my best friend's coworker does and that how I happened upon the opportunity. My mom and I are leaving in an hour..
  6. Thanks!!! Hmm.. I was thinking either my USA Rolston jersey OR my Boston Bruins jersey. I don't really wear the Bruins jersey unless I go to a non-Devils game that someone got us tickets for. I'll be wearing my USA Rolston jersey tonight at the Garden. We are the guests of Henrik Lundqvist at tonights game - get to go into the Rangers Green room and have dinner with the wives. I doubt any of them who know Rolston is so I may skate by (except of one of the players see the jersey, then I may get raised eyebrows). Wore it last night at the game vs Toronto.. What a freaking game!!
  7. is going to the Rangers/Devils game tonight!

  8. I just found this site and I am SO GLAD I DID!! Brian Rolston is the reason I became a Devils fan in the first place. At my first game, my date told me that I had to "pick a player" who I would then follow for the season. My grandfather was a professional soccer player and also played in the 1936 Olympics in Germany. His number had always been 14 and that was my number all through school, playing field hockey, soccer and softball. So Brian is who I chose to follow. Then, a year later, he was traded to the Avs and I was heart broken. Followed him through his trade to the Bruins (made countless trips to Boston for Bruins games - he also ran over my sisters foot when we were standing there outside waiting for autographs.. he drove on by )then watched him go to the Wild (went out there once and went to ever Devils/Minn game when they came this way). When my cousin called me last year and said Brian was coming back to the Devils, I thought I died and went to heaven!! I *AM* the Brian Rolston fan club in Philadelphia. :-) I'll be driving over 100 miles and 2 hours to come to this signing. I've never met him but it's not like I never tried. This is like a dream come true. Oh and Happy early Birthday to Brian!! He celebrates his birthday this month.
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