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  1. Not loving the draft. But don't know much about any of these guys. Would have rather went offense then defense with a move up.. When will Luke become an asset for this team? Why go for a 3rd line foward? LGD
  2. Wow Subban didn't even get an honorable mention, ... even rico got one
  3. If we lose PK ill be mad, if we lose him and replace him with Clarke, Doogie and Larsson im .
  4. Id do that right now in a heartbeat.. Kid controls the game when on the ice.. Surround him with talent
  5. Is Siegenthaler Nico's butler or something ? Since when is he untouchable? Unless we plan on bringing in some big salaries this year im keeping PK protected. Hes the most difficult devils defenceman to forecheck by a mile. Like this deal solid move
  6. Would have liked to parlay all our picks into a guenther/lambos 1/2 combination.. But the isles screwed that.
  7. EdgeControl


    Nasty dirty hockey.. love it... I wonder if we could play in a game like this
  8. EdgeControl


    Go pete deboer.. Good combination of nasty and smart..
  9. No, not that kind of fun dirt...
  10. Jersey water front is nice without dirt of nyc... Pop into nyc and get out..
  11. EdgeControl


    pelech and pulock are getting it done .. two big, heavier defenseman who can take forecheck hits all game long and not get panicked. You need tough dmen to win playoff games. Hockey is still a physical game..
  12. Give him a luxury condo on the Hudson. And ferry him to his favorite restaurant in Manhattan ..... obviously he has to want to be here with the kids..
  13. My bad , thats ridiculous compensation . I thought it was next years 1st
  14. Lou was bringing in 38 year Olds, Laine is young and has out scored everyone on our team by 50% except for last year. he scores 30 Uninterested goals in his sleep.. But im not trading for him im buying
  15. Laine is a RFA on Columbus. Blow them out of the water with an offer. Screw giving up our centers
  16. What would laine want in terms of years? Hell, 3 or 4 years id give him 9 or 10+, 7 or more im not buying that high.
  17. Trade who? Laine is a free agent,.. im not trading nico or jack.. but if you're waiting for our kids to score 30 more goals a year good luck with that.. we need a scoring forward.. and kucherov or pasta aren't coming here. Im talking about gambling on FAs. Everyone hates the PK deal, newsflash he our best defenseman. We went to hell when he got hurt
  18. 63 points in 68 games in 2019/2020 last year was the anomaly. But yeah the trend is a bit concerning. Again we have nobody now near his scoring talent. But you better do your due diligence
  19. Its a tough call kid can produce points at a top clip. And has done it for four years.. We need to gamble
  20. Thats an optimistic projection.. this team needs that defenseman AND another 30 goals..to sniff the 2nd round of the playoffs
  21. Another kid who might be a good fit for us is Carson lambos.. He supposedly is strong and tough with a big shot from the blue line . Already 200 lbs
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