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  1. aside from Dougie and now marino , is there really a blueliner that we couldnt upgrade?
  2. captain clutch is scoring some big timely goals this year... Im glad my son asked for his adidas jersey with the C on it for christmas I was expecting him to ask for hughes
  3. We dominate , score 6 goals.. and poor haula has goose eggs with a minus 1. Only minus on the team
  4. CR said sharangovich needs shots to be useful.. agreed! he may need to play up with skill players to do that though...cause he sure as hell doesnt create any by himself, like a tatar.. most of his goals are with the top 6. i think they need to keep rotating him in at intervals to try and jump start him I also dont know why hes on the kill. maybe lindy wants him to put his face in a shot out of pure frustration
  5. Chico says the devils should go tap kochetkovs pads ...ouch lol
  6. special shout out to the fans who were there!!! from the tv shots it looked like we were outnumbered ... which sucked until the very end
  7. Dam good win.... go home rag fans
  8. Exactly no way bratt scores there if not for calling him out specifically on the PP
  9. i cant even digest my lunch with this D
  10. LGD is it wrong to wish this was an away game? even in the urinal across the rivers
  11. i think its fitting for this team
  12. our forth line got killed , our D men got torched our third line watched
  13. over commit siegs...hhhwicked wrister as the chowd heads say
  14. fabbri showing why he tore his acls 3 years in a row
  15. thats why I said WE handed them the game the ref FU was just the cherry on top
  16. not satisfied with that point, we handed them the game and screw that ref,, he deserves crap thrown at him
  17. Captain big goal Jack bratt nico. Dougies next
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