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  1. wow, thats a good catch.. hope I'm wrong on the miss part
  2. Unfortunately the boldness is that we have no 30 goal scorers. Its boldly pessimistic
  3. He was decent last year defensively, hope its rust
  4. I'm hoping we get a 2nd for PK at the deadline from a team with defenseman injuries
  5. We are a young team but were not babies now. Brat nico jack zacha are vets. We better not hit a wall. I want constant improvement We will have 5 20+ goal scorers but zero 30. Jack has 27 we miss the playoffs by 1 or 2pts Graves and mfitz form a "CARS" tribute band with Ryan playing the part of Rick ocasic
  6. Close this thread, we are in a game week lgd
  7. Vessey is on a 1 way contract, correct? So hes going to displace somebody but its only 800,000 so can he be sent to beautiful utica
  8. Back to hockey How many goals will hughes score this year if he plays 75+ games Will he have over 20? What are reasonable expectations
  9. Let me get this right, an NHL player has two covid tests and the doctors and team can't tell if he has it or not. wtf?
  10. Hes got his connor McDavid look going
  11. This Gauthier is a big dude
  12. Lgd HDMI to usbc for a laptop/surface
  13. Yeah ok, a bit odd. Lol. I should have used 20 ish . But the point is we don't have 30 or 40 goal scorers on this team we need to do it by committee which makes things tougher .. Jack can shoot 7% again
  14. Talk about odd. Because the teams with the least amount of goals wins the cup ? You need to score more than your opponents. Something we've sucked at for years. Teams below nhl average in goals just don't make the playoffs much.. thats not odd thats fact. Prove me wrong.
  15. This team needs its players to become goal scorers. Until proven otherwise we will be basement dwellers in that category. Will jack score 20 g Will zacha go 25g Nico 20g Brat 15g Wood 20 Igor 25g Tatar 20g Dougie 15g We need the above ..essentially the entire team playing their best.. Its a tough ask
  16. LGDs we need two new young scorers making this team, displacing the non-scorers..
  17. Yup, he's beating the goalie but has a case of the doinks
  18. It was better than I expected for a small skinny kid. He has decent velocity. He just misses the spot which is important.
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