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  1. Nice pass by subban, almost got Mercer killed and caused a kings breakaway.. multi tasking
  2. We purchased damaged goods twice. Not good, for fitz
  3. Blackwoods gonna screw you big time, 3cups.. hopefully jack bails your ass out..
  4. blackwood has head case written all over him. what ever "it" is , he hasnt got "it".. backup goalie! the team likes analytics . heres one we are scored on more than we score. team shooting % 22nd league at best border line playoff team with top goaltending, inconstant offense across all players. defensive roster below average
  5. lets remember subban is a 3rd pairing D man. with 14 pt and a 0 p/m. no prob with a cheap extend. just pair him with a big who can clear the front of the net, jaros??? its our second pairing that will need help, who will help seigenthaler get the puck exited.
  6. sorokin is giving up more rebounds than blackwood
  7. luckily this omicron is a fast head cold for the vast majority. our goalie needs some practice time and dougie needs to get well. im all for 1 week off.
  8. I had no clue what RAZU is either... oh well Blackwood has issues, he was flopping all over the place on crossing passes. And other time too complacent on steering rebounds. The problems are in his head. He has an nhl skill set and good size. Hopefully he fixes things, he has next year to prove it. We will hedge again with a FA vet if Bernier is done Unfortunately subban is still the strongest defenseman on the dump in... thats still a required skill too bad he can't stay behind our goal line, cause he's lazy infront. Nico and Jack have decent wrist shots, but just a bit shy of beating goals glove high. Bratt has crossed over that line Was at the game Thursday, erica is even better in person. Wow
  9. fuc^er tried to send it into the corner and whiffed
  10. LGD stay out of the box score goals
  11. LGD all i want is 3+ devils goals zacha needs to score 1 here
  12. yup i have that non covid flue also, same with the 3 guys in our construction office.. i sound like barry white
  13. Way more than my 5 20+goal scorers prediction
  14. Torts would scare the crap out of this front office.. he would shove those advanced stats metric up their ass..
  15. LGD the season is slipping away,. Beat this stinking fish
  16. What respectable coach is going to come to this overly micromanagement organization . Doesn't our analytics prove that our analytics department sucks
  17. We are stinking at the wrong time, these next 13 games are the season. We need to put a serious string together like 9 or 10 out of 13. Not seeing us doing that unfortunately.
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