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  1. Thanks for posting these videos guys. It gives those of us who live far away some feeling of what is what like to be there in person...
  2. It's funny...when our three injured players return, it's going to be like Lou suddenly traded for a first pairing defenseman, a second/third line centre and a winger who can crash the net - all without giving up anyone on the active roster!
  3. As you can probably tell from my post count, I'm not a frequent poster to this site, but I visit it daily. I have been a huge Devils fan since 1985, and I am looking for some advice from the fans on this board. Living in Canada, I have seen the Devils play twice (once in Ottawa and once in Montreal). Next month I am travelling to New Jersey on business and I have decided to take the opportunity to see the Devils play the Panthers at the Rock on Dec.11. I do not anticipate being able to get to Newark again at any point in the future, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to see the Devs play in their home rink. Is there anything that I should try to do to make the most of this? What restaurant would be best to go to before the game? Is there anything I should try to do or see at the arena? Dano does an intermission show, doesn't he - can fans watch this and if so, where is it held? What about Devils souvenirs - is the Devils Den store the best option for a shirt or jersey? What about autographs - I am a collector, so are there any opportunities to get the autographs of any Devils and if so, where and when? Any input would be appreciated - thanks!
  4. ludvig29

    David Perron

    We traded Malakhov and the pick to the Sharks, then they traded it to St.Louis who picked Perron.
  5. ludvig29

    David Perron

    I looked up an interesting item today. The link below is to the Sportsnet.ca page for David Perron, who is the forward that the St.Louis Blues ended up taking with the Devils first round pick in 2007 (the pick the Devils needed to trade away for cap reasons). He looks like a solid player with some good potential - do you think he would have had a place on the Devils this year (or last)? David Perron
  6. Brought In: Sergei Brylin, Jay Pandolfo, David Vyborny, Jason Williams, Dmitri Kalinin, Andreas Lilja Brought Up: Niklas Bergfors Left Out: Andy Greene, Aaron Asham, Karel Rachunek, Mike Rupp, Sheldon Brookbank.
  7. Man, wouldn't it be great if the Devils ever got to draft a hot, can't miss prospect like one of these guys? But I guess the Kurvers/Niedermayer deal was once-in-a-lifetime... Oh well, that's the price you pay for constant success!
  8. ludvig29

    Sept. 17th

    Edit : I posted a reply in the wrong thread!
  9. With the release of the new Habs and Flames jerseys, I think we might have a sneak peek at the only element of the Devils jersey which is likely to change - the collar. I'm not talking about the NHL logo - I think we all realize by now that all the jerseys are now going to have the NHL shield below the collar. I mean the striping pattern around the collar itself. The Devils have always had a distinctive triple striping pattern around their collar, black/red/black on the roads and black/white/black on the homes, similar to the patterns that both the Habs and Flames (on their road jerseys) have had on their collars last year. If you look at the new jerseys for both Montreal and Calgary, you'll see that their collars now feature two stripes only, even though in the case of Montreal, that is literally the only difference between this year and last year. I suspect that there is something in the Reebok Edge template design that makes triple-striped collars impossible, or else Montreal (and possibly Calgary) would have had them on their new jerseys. I predict that this will be the only change we will see in the Devils' threads when they are finally released. It may seem trivial, but some of us like to obsess about these things.
  10. Another point to speculate... When will Weekes get his first start, and how many times will he play on this road trip? I vote for him playing October 11th vs. the Panthers, and that that will be the only action he sees on the road trip.
  11. ludvig29

    Thinking Ahead

    I've read it posted on this site and others that we as Devils fans have been "spoiled" by our team's success. I beleive this is true to a certain extent, in the fact that over the past 15 years or so, our team has included many, many good players, including 3 sure-fire Hall of Famers (obviously Stevens, Niedermayer and Brodeur). These 3 guys formed the foundation for our teams considerable success over this time, and collecting them on the same team at the same time (in their prime) was probably a once-in-a-generation situation (I remember the Hockey News doing a cover story in 2004 on them - "...they arrived once a year over three consecutive years, like Christmas presents...", or something like that). We have already had to recover from losing two of them, and we have seen how the team has had to respond to deal with this. I noticed that some fans on this board have also had problems dealing with this "brave new world" of Devils hockey - last year the team was in first place and leading the conference in goals against, but the team was not dominant like it had been in the past, so there were constant criticisms of the "way" the team was winning. The Devils no longer seem to have an aura around them that they seem to have had over the past decade or so. Which brings me to the point of my post. What happens when arguably the most important of the 3 players, Marty, retires? In my opinion, he has been the single biggest factor in this team's success and we as fans have not had to really think about the the state of our goaltending in some time (each year, pencil in Brodeur for 40+ wins, 10 shutouts and competition for the Vezina). I know I've watched and read about other teams who worry about who their starter will be, some teams that have a "tandem" situation, and I have personally scoffed at teams that switch their goalie in mid-playoff series (I'm talking about you, 2003 Tampa Bay), all things that are unthinkable with the Devils with Marty. What happens when Marty is gone? Do we become just another of these teams, with a different starting goalie every 2-3 years, like the Bruins, Flyers or Lightning? Any chance we will be lucky enough to replace him with another goalie who will dominate for the next ten years? What approach should Lou take? - draft a can't miss goalie prospect and hope he develops into a superstar (e.g. like they did originally with Brodeur)? - if so, shouldn't this be done sometime soon? - sign a free agent and give him the job (like the Leafs did with Cujo and Belfour)? - trade for a young backup goalie and develop him (like Emery in Ottawa (not saying they can/should trade for him, but he is an example of a young backup who is now a starter) What does everyone think? Any other options? It is not something we probably want to think about but I know I didn't think about a team without Stevens and Neidermayer on defense a few years ago. Just food for thought over the long summer (sorry for the length of this post).
  12. I came across something kinda bizarre on a sports logo/uniform related website today. In a thread devoted to the new NHL/Reebok "Edge" jerseys, the poster said that they heard one report whcih indicated that the Devils will go use navy blue instead of black in their uniform next year (similar to the new Atlanta Hawks uniforms). Now I believe this must be total bunk, but how weird would it be to have the Devils wearing a new color? I wasn't really in touch with the Devs while at university (89-93), so I was kind of surprised to see them wearing new unis when they switched over to black (in 1992? or was it 1993?). To those of you around back then, were there lots of rumors swirling about at that time as to what the new Devils jerseys would look like? Was it promoted to create interest or did it just happen?
  13. ludvig29

    Sean Avery

    Wouldn't all of the negative things being said about Avery in this thread also have been said about Claude Lemieux? And he turned out to be a pretty good pickup for the Devils. Avery is the prototypical "hate him on another team, love him if he is on your team" player - I would love to see him in a Devils jersey, along with all of the yapping and abrasiveness he would bring. He would go a long way to again making the Devils a team that other teams hate to play against, like we were when we had guys like Holik, McKay, Peluso, etc.
  14. Well things have quieted down for now on the Devils' front, so I got to looking at the moves Lou has made over the past two weeks, and how each one might affect the coming season. I have realized that maybe the move that people are talking about the least may be the one that impacts the Devs ability to go deep into the playoffs (which is the one thing that matters) - signing Kevin Weekes to back up Marty. I find it hard to believe that with his sub-par playoff performance against the Canes in 2006 (at which time it was speculated he was tired), that the same thing was allowed to happen in 2007 - too many games, chasing a record, etc. And the result was the same - playoff games where he consistently gave up at least one bad goal every game, which is not the Marty we know. It always seemed to me to be such a waste to lose the potential of the 2006 and 2007 seasons, seasons where the team struggles and works and pulled out wins in the final minute, and we as fans live and die along with them as every goal is scored, simply because we didn't have a backup goaltender we could trust to win a game. What a waste for the want of a player (such as Weekes) who could be had relatively easily and cheaply. I am so happy that Lou has finally made what seems to be a simple, logical signing but which I think could have a big impact on this teams fortunes come next April and May (and June!). Sorry to anyone who feels this topic has already been discussed adequately.
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