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  1. Hahaha, it's more like the world is obsessed with Snookie, I AM obsessed with Parise, therefore Snookie has become a common easy to understand symbol for Parise. I live out in Suffolk County Long Island so it's the only ways I have of marketing the Devils, with everyday common dumb ass lingo. PS it's not creative because i'd still be thinking of it right now and not posting
  2. Milbury stop tugging on my balls. Melrose stop tugging on my balls. JR Thank You!, Keep tugging on Milbury's balls.
  3. I named my dog 9 years ago "Beezer". Quite possibly the worst dog ever.

  4. TMAC is back baby! Wilson Chandler is a joke, he needs to move on before I make him move on.
  5. So no one commented on the curling babes posted by whoever that was? The russian babes are so cute, i have literally looked up the times to see when they curl so i can get some pleasure in, I have not done that for any hockey games yet. The russian womens curling team is proof that curling is almost as good as hockey. Theyre unique exotic dime pieces. And it's only in curling.
  6. Since this just decides who gets a first round bye, Go Marty Go Canada!
  7. Hey, stupid question but i'm too lazy to trouble shoot. I made a signature at JerseyDatabase.com and with no direct link from the website how do I get my jersey signature into the edit signature portion of this website?
  8. I must say Curling is cute. It's the Canadians bowling. And everyone in NY knows I pretend to be Canadian. So much fun to play/watch! I'll versus you if you'd like!
  9. Ill agree with White/Salmela being sketch, Mottau its too close to call, but Fraser is a beast, he's been our best defenseman for the last 15 games or so. Does that prove the Defense is shaky maybe so, ill cave. Fraser Mottau are probably the best out every defenseman in the organization at this current point and time. I'll give you Mottau if you really want it. Then again he's the only one trying his heart out. The problem is when they get the puck down low with a forechecker on them they try and stop and post up for a second instead of whip it hard around the boards. They've had this sense o
  10. Yay Jeff Jeff! Agreed although ill bash Junior, that Daytona finish was something we haven't seen, not just from Junior, but from any driver really in the last few years so kudos on "splitting the D" PS Rob Niedermayer is a bum but he always wins face offs for me in NHL 010 so I still like him more than MY least favorite Colin Dubbya
  11. LOL. Oh yea Chico is the man. It explains Chico Eats, his tom foolery, his weird sounds he makes sometimes, and just his career lol. He keeps it fresh, PS i think Marty tokes too! , Best goalie ever ever ever and he smokes a doob and pretends its like floor hockey, lol stoning greats throughout the league! Hey estreetcrew I know it wasn't youre intention BUT THAT JERSEY LOOKS SO BAD ASS that well i'm frankly jealous. and my birthday is march tenth, i wasn't planning on it but now i'm DEFINITELY getting a Christmas Tree, just no clue what i'll get on it. It will be spur of the moment when i wa
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