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  1. gibbons 100% intentionally ate it and lost the puck to get them out of position
  2. Knew Dano would say "just a broken play" lol
  3. awesome opposite-field flick from hischier, beautiful finish
  4. what the fvck is that call? he got pushed in to the fvcking goalie
  5. Hockeytown? More empty seats than fans in attendance
  6. Great interview with boyle, very uplifting
  7. holy sh!t checked into the bench lol pwnd by santini
  8. ty you have been a great poster for many years
  9. This team is unstoppable, shocking the league
  10. Gotcha, interesting. Never noticed this before
  11. beautiful pass, beautiful finish. Gratifying to see
  12. hey zach tell me how my ass tastes
  13. just when I think somebody might be able to stop this team, they set me straight with a gutty OT win against a hot goalie. nice watching the eventual 15-16 cup champs for a bit tonight
  14. mother fvck on the other hand they've played a bunch of awesome songs there since I turned the game on a short time ago
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