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  1. Hated when he went to Pitt, but he had a great career and spent the best of it with the Devils
  2. I remember when my Dad took an average of how many hours he spent watching the NY Jets. Personally I wouldn't want to know how many hours of my life I invested in a team, but if those hours or in this case, dollars, brought you some joy, then it wasn't a waste.
  3. Now have a useless Parise jersey / shirt and in a few days (hours?) a useless Rick Nash jersey as well. Fortunately the jerseys are both cheap China knockoffs so only $40 each.
  4. mmajeski06

    Poni to Winnipeg

    Liked him. Too bad the Devs couldnt keep him.
  5. Funny thing is the Kings have invited her back again. She claimed to be a "distraction" to the Devils. Apparently she cant read, because the box score clearly states the Devils won that game. Yeah, nice distraction.
  6. Bring on Game 6!!! One friggin game at a time!
  7. I would never let anyone sit in that chair again
  8. I pretty much stick to the usual Twitter feeds and Puck Daddy, as well as the Marek Vs Wyshinsky podcast and Backhand Shelf podcast for all my hockey news.
  9. No way Marty sits. Maybe if it's a game that gets out of hand and Moose is brought in off the bench, but no way he starts. Marty has been great.
  10. By antics does he mean scoring ridiculously sweet goals and just being an all around kick ass player? If I were LA, I wouldn't like those antics either.
  11. This is amazing. Just amazing. It feels like a f*ckin dream!!!!
  12. Im dreaming right. This can't really be happening. But I know I am going to wake up tomm and be like HOLY EFFIN SH*T THE DEVILS ARE 4 WINS AWAY FROM THE CUP!!!!!
  13. Sucks for it to start this way, but a lot of games left.
  14. Still really hasn't hit me yet. Holy sh*t, this team is in the Championship. I expected the Devils to bounce back and make the playoffs this year. But I did not expect this.
  15. Crowd is quite quiet. Pierre sounds depressed. Oh this is wonderful!
  16. At the same time Torres gets 25 games. He is now appealing the length of the suspension. NHL looks really sh*tty in that case if Giroux walks away with nothing. Then again, Shea Weber smashed a dudes head into the glass WWE style and got nothing. Personally, I don't want him suspended. I wouldn't want to have the Flyers to have anything to rally behind.
  17. No way he is suspended. Fine at most. Quite possibly a reward.
  18. Burst out laughing at work. That is amazing.
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