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  1. I remember when my Dad took an average of how many hours he spent watching the NY Jets. Personally I wouldn't want to know how many hours of my life I invested in a team, but if those hours or in this case, dollars, brought you some joy, then it wasn't a waste.

  2. and the stupid questions they are asking the devils coach. I'd ask "was going back to LA a big motivation for youguys so you could see that porn stars big boobs behind you?"

    Funny thing is the Kings have invited her back again. She claimed to be a "distraction" to the Devils. Apparently she cant read, because the box score clearly states the Devils won that game. Yeah, nice distraction.

  3. At the same time Torres gets 25 games. He is now appealing the length of the suspension. NHL looks really sh*tty in that case if Giroux walks away with nothing.

    Then again, Shea Weber smashed a dudes head into the glass WWE style and got nothing.

    Personally, I don't want him suspended. I wouldn't want to have the Flyers to have anything to rally behind.

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