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  1. He has been exceptionally awful this series.
  2. Pierre was wayy off during game 2. More than usual. Might have had something to do with finding out he didn't get the Montreal GM job.
  3. Agreed. Then again, he's making a sh*t ton of money to sit on the bench, doesn't have to answer to the media, and isnt expected to carry the team unless Marty lays an egg. Not too bad of a gig. You could also argue he did his part this year by lightening Marty's work load, and the Devs wouldnt be rolling in the playoffs without his contributions.
  4. Agreed. And it is literally on every channel. Normally commercials do not bother me, but this one is just awful. Makes my fvckin ears bleed.
  5. Pierre was a real ass-hat tonight. Got sh*t on twitter from Devils and Flyers fans, as well as neutral parties.
  6. Sucks. Kovy finally makes it out of the first round and is now stuck with an injury.
  7. Biggest sigh of relief after that goal. Didn't reallly have much energy left to go crazy.
  8. Thank god! I'm just glad we got out of the first round. Everything is icing on the cake from here.
  9. What sucks is every intermission I have to watch highlights of the Rangers winning
  10. I've decided I'm just going to enjoy this period. Could be the last time Marty and Zach are in Devils uniforms. Whatever the outcome, it's been fun.
  11. The over the glass delay of game rule, while dumb, is pretty clean cut. The over the glass delay of game rule, while dumb, is pretty clean cut.
  12. Not doubting, but I think everyone is a little worried.
  13. Well they made it 5 minutes, but then 2 seconds later...sh*t
  14. Sh!t. See previous comment. Woah. Got lucky there
  15. As long as they don't let FLA score within the first 5 minutes or so, I'll have a good feeling. If they let FLA storm out there in the third and bring it within one, it's going to get ugly. Agreed.
  16. This is BS. Why not put the whole thing on CNBC? http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/devils-panthers-game-7-gets-coveted-8-30-172229133.html#more-id I know NBC has zero interest in this series, but a game 7 is a game 7.
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