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  1. This wasnt center ice. This was the NHL Network channel. Time Warner moved it to a sports package. MLB and NBA are on the standard package, but NHL is grouped with the Speed2 channel, Fox Soccer 2, and a few others.
  2. I prefer to leave last season in the past. It happened, its over, and we got a kick ass draft pick out of it.
  3. Great, I got all excited thinking I'd be watching the Devils on tv in Ohio on Fri. Of course Time Warner gives me NBA and MLB Network for free, but NHL Network is part of some exclusive sports package. Even thought when I first moved in in October, NHL Network worked fine.
  4. Bettman blocked it. "WE DO NOT MARKET THE NJ DEVILS!"
  5. Just keeps getting worse for the Isles. Kinda sad.
  6. Feel bad for their fans who had put up with that sh*t show for the last 20 years. It's one thing to be terrible, it's another thing to have the prospect of moving looming over your head as well.
  7. Good win, but worried about the Pens game now.
  8. This has been a rough year to go to games. I live in Ohio full time now, so I made it to only one Devils game. But I havent been to a Blue Jackets game yet this year. Normally Ive been to 3 or 4 by now. Im sure its the same for people back in NJ.
  9. On Puck Daddy his agent says he doesn't intend to officially retire with the NHLPA
  10. mmajeski06

    Yakupov Hit

    Haven't seen one this hard since Stevens retired:
  11. mmajeski06


    This makes Sam Rosen feel happy in the pants.
  12. Gah typical NY crap. Sense some pressure coming from the Devils and they have to fall back on the "no fans" argument.
  13. Meh ill miss the gimmicks. Hated him when he played the Devils, but found him funny the rest of the times. He said some terrible things but also said / did alot of funny stuff.
  14. http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2012/03/devils_set_retro_sweater_day_f.html?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed Made it official today. The first time the Devils did the retro night was against the Pens. Probably one of the best Devils games I have seen in the last 5 years or so. Could have been because it was St. Pattys Day and all the hype leading up to the retro jerseys. Plus the Devils killed the Pens.
  15. Yup, that's what you call a feel good win all around
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