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    HF Boards

    HFboards is going to send the NJDevs board an infraction for trashing their board on another board.
  2. Looking forward to seeing him take the ice against Tampa! *Crosses fingers that Lou knows what he's doing*
  3. Kypreos is saying on twitter Zidlicky to Devs is almost done
  4. Kypreos saying Zidlicky trade to Devs imminent
  5. It was another OT win against the Leafs that brought us this gem: Hey Phaneuf!
  6. Now I get to listen to the Leafs announcers cry! Hahahah
  7. Listening to the Leafs announcers is brutal
  8. Am I hearing correctly, are those moron Leafs fans chanting Marty? Sounds like a scattered few
  9. Besides the brutal D on the 2nd Leafs goal I think they are playing pretty good.
  10. Hahah Clarkson and Phaneuf giving eachother sh*t in the box Marty playing his ass off
  11. Kicking myself for not picking up Henrique in fantasy. But i had a strict no Devils policy this year...afraid ill jinx them.
  12. That DeBoer about Salvador quote has me picturing the Dumb and Dumber poo scene
  13. BLASPHEMY!!!!!! We have total control
  14. Turned off the game after the "OT Goal" and then went on twitter and saw the tweet from the Devs Generals about people rushing back to their seats. Total WTF!?! moment for me. That was a real thriller.
  15. I think Seattle has a good shot. Immediate rivalry with the Canucks and easy for realignment.
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