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  1. Guess that was the NHLs great equalizer for the Rangers game *TIN FOIL HAT OFF* Nah it was just a bad call. It happens. Teams have been screwed way worse this year.
  2. Glad he finally got one. The jokes were fun, but really did feel bad for the guy. He was one of the favorite Devils growing up.
  3. Look on the bright side, we could be the team Scott Gomez scored on....
  4. The point helped, just need to come back and start a new streak.
  5. Ill give you the goal call, but thatcall on Foster was bull. Didnt determine the outcome but it did suck.
  6. Refs def not on our side tonight.
  7. And now Zubrus is hurt. Not a good start to the 3rd
  8. Well that lead didnt last long
  9. Torts refused to comment on the disallowed goal
  10. It was nice to hear Rosen crying and whining at the end of that one. Made it even better.
  11. Miiiight have been pushed there. Oh well, ill take it
  12. Gah stuck with the Rangers feed. Al Trautwig during the intermission with Parise, "20 goals in 5 games, that isnt Devils hockey". Ends the interview, "see that was quick and I didnt even ask about free agency". What an asshat.
  13. Elias f'n rules Oh common, I hate that Larsson got hurt, but you cant tell me there was intent to injure there. Just a sh*tty outcoe to a hard hit. PARISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Sh1t. Cant blame Subban though, just a good hard hit.
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