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  1. Oh well, they still played pretty hard there at the end. Wish they could have been like that all game.
  2. Saw this posted in the new feeds: Best parody so far.
  3. No fan throwing a puck on youtube, but I did find a Flyers / Devils game where a fan threw a stink bomb:
  4. LET'S GO DEVILS!!!! I go to school in Kent, Ohio, so this one should be good. I just wish more people from Ohio cared about hockey. No one cares about the Blue Jackets at my college. I have been to a couple Jackets games this year...this is a must win for the Devils. This team is not very good...then again I saw them beat the Thrashers and give the Canucks a run for their money, so it should be a good one.
  5. mmajeski06


    My exact feelings. While hockey isn't the most popular thing in Arizona, I am sure there are some devoted fans out there.
  6. Just had to make the same decision...this will be my first game at the rock as well. Went with the Chicago game. It should be pretty packed, with most people off for good friday and all.
  7. Stuck at work, but should be able to catch the end. LGD!!!!
  8. Must get one! Think it can do english muffins too? Always been an english muffin person.
  9. I don't know...don't you think they would try to get Marty in the Winter Classic soon?
  10. Loved the jerseys last night...I hope it does become something that they will do each year.
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