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    Warm up music at the old arena
  2. Because we know live in a society where people are offended by the truth.
  3. Because the facts are you only have 2 options: Renew or cancel. Does complaining about it make you feel better?
  4. So if you are that upset. Cancel. Not sure what to tell you. Compared to the homeless person sleeping on the streets last night your problems are insignificant in the real world. If your biggest problem is your hockey tickets went up in price, be thankful.
  5. I doubt there’s many family of 4 siting up there in today’s world with all the activities kids do these days going to every single Devils game. I know I barely have time to take a sh!t with all the activities my kids are involved with. And if they are they are really hard core fans who choose to spend their DISCRETIONARY income on something they enjoy so I doubt it bothers them like you think. Everyone missing the point that this is how people choose to spend DISCRETIONARY income. If your that bothered by the increase or can’t afford the tickets, cancel your plan. Nobody is holding a gun to your head. If this is a lot of money for you, my suggestion is don’t buy the tickets.
  6. Now we gonna dispute the facts as “padded”. If people are that miserable over $2.63 and would rather have 1 gallon of gas with the ticket increase then cancel your tickets and watch on tv. I can assure you Harris and Blitzer didn’t become billionaires (which none of us are) because they are stupid. Trust the process
  7. Just looked at the stats. We all know Devils so MUCH better in attendance after Christmas. So far this season they are running at 94.9% occupancy. So on average 5% of the building is empty on any given night. That’s pretty good considering where the Devils are in the standings. The Islanders are in 1st place and in LAST place in occupancy at 73.4%. And we have people complaining about $2.63 increase, crazy world we live in.
  8. Let me guess. You can manage a professional hockey team better? I mean you got people complaining over $2.63 increases. No matter what happens those people will ALWAYS find something to complain about.
  9. Lol. Your the one that’s mad homie. Obviously a small price increase got you posting on the internet. I’m suggesting cancel your tickets and watch on your really that upset over $2.63 per ticket increase. You get mad when gas goes up for no reason? You get mad when your car insurance goes up even though your car is a year older? It’s called life. Hockey games is supposed to be fun. If your so mad cancel (but you won’t) and watch on tv
  10. Shero didn’t spend to cap because there was very little to acquire. Would you rather him overpay for out of prime players like Lou did in his last 5+ years with Devils?
  11. So cancel your tickets, deprive yourself of something you like to do and watch on tv. Just stop complaining about it
  12. That’s $4.46 per game per seat. If your that mad, cancel your tickets and watch on tv.
  13. Because you looking at it from team performance point of view which you can’t do. Expenses go up year to year. Tying team performance to ticket prices is an easy way to get mad but when your running a business and have to give employee raises, insurance goes up, taxes increase etc. $2.63 a ticket is nothing. Keep in mind win or lose, going to games is supposed to be fun for you. If that fun is not worth $2.63 a ticket more, cancel and watch on tv.
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