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  1. trailblazer

    Suggestion for tickets

    StubHub Seat Geek
  2. trailblazer

    Mini Brodeur Stick

    I can't go tonight. If anyone gets an extra stick tonight, I will buy it. Message me and we can work out the details. Thanks!
  3. https://nypost.com/2017/11/22/man-convicted-in-killing-over-new-jersey-devils-hat-comment/?utm_campaign=iosapp&utm_source=message_app
  4. trailblazer

    Pru Center to (finally) enforce noisemaker ban

    You really prefer to lose the Stanley Cup then listen to the horn?!?!? SMFH Do everyone a favor, stop being so uptight about life and stay home.
  5. trailblazer

    Pru Center to (finally) enforce noisemaker ban

    If the horn really bothers you, then you really are a dork. Simple as that.
  6. trailblazer

    The Marty Night thread

    I was at the game today and I'm VERY happy that I was. Devils were already selling all the Marty merchandise. They printed an AMAZING 116 page limited edition book (only 3,000 made). The lines for merchandise were out of control and everyone was buying this book. I picked up 2 books then when i was walking past the Devils Den shops they were all SOLD OUT. i would be pissed if i was coming to the game on Tuesday and the book is not available ($20) The Devils said they are all sold out. I don't know if they sold all 3,000 or only released a certain portion today. I guess we will find out on Tuesday.
  7. trailblazer

    Season ticket renewals for next year

    Every year the same people complaning about tickets going up. Maybe it's because 80% of this forum are 18-25 years old. Go complain about property taxes going up, tolls going up, food going up insurance rates post Hurricane Sandy going up. The fact of the matter is if you are a STH you find enjoyment going to games. If you can afford it - renew. If you can't - don't. Just stop complaining about how your going to spend your DISPOSABLE income already.
  8. trailblazer

    Club Seats

    this is accurate. they are also making the club more exclusive by removing the upper 1/2 seats on the outside sections. essentially the club seats will be the entire middle section, the lower half of both outside sections (essentially forming a 'T'. The goal bar changing as well. They are removing most seats and creating 'lodge boxes'
  9. trailblazer

    GDT: Colorado Avalanche VS New Jersey Devils 11/15/14

    You guys are way off base on this. I was at the game. Yes, there was Marty's better chants from the upper deck, however, they were NOT directed towards Cory. Each time the chant started with 'Hey Roy.....Marty's better' So before killing our fans, get your facts straight.
  10. trailblazer

    Join the revolution oust Hugh

    Oust Hugh?? Anyone who thinks the new ownership group isn't a blessing for the Devils is absolutely CLUELESS. I can't believe this is actually a thread
  11. trailblazer

    Anyone going to STH Open Practice Tomorrow?

    I agree that the Devils could have given a little more notice. However, seems like the Devils are constantly getting ripped to shreds on this forum.Unfortunately, they can't work around everyone's schedule. Can't please everyone. As someone mentioned before, devils were ranked #1 with team/STH events. I also suspect with our new ownership group, things will only get better. Today was a great event interesting watching the team practice. Awesome getting to meet and speak with some of the players. Couldn't get to everyone due to the lines but my nephew had a great time and that's all that matters
  12. trailblazer

    Anyone going to STH Open Practice Tomorrow?

    Why so many complaints?? I have a job. I work 65 hours a week. I took the day off. It was well worth it. Great event!
  13. trailblazer

    Anyone going to STH Open Practice Tomorrow?

    door open at 10:30am practice starts at 11am to 12 noon. lunch from 12-1:30 Autographs 1:30-2:30
  14. trailblazer

    Devils/Prudential Center Making 'Huge' Announcement Tomorrow a

    This entire debate is so stupid.
  15. trailblazer

    Devils/Prudential Center Making 'Huge' Announcement Tomorrow a

    This is a great deal for the Devils. Closing big sponsorship deals is an absolute must in sports. The Devils have a great building that is fairly busy yet many areas of the building do not have sponsorship which is unacceptable. Examples: Fire Lounge, Verizon Tower (previous sponsor) the restaurant (formerly Acela Club). I will be at the game tomorrow and I hope to see party poker plastered everywhere. This new ownership group is 100% doing the right thing for the financial health of the franchise. And I do believe the Rock can use a face lift already. The fire/ice lounges are dated. The TV's around the arena are huge and not HD quality. Can we get some lights in the entry Towers? No idea why both towers are completely dark. I'm sure these issues will be addressed in time.

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