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  1. I think you could probably get at least $250 for the Domingue.
  2. I do remember seeing the road version, but I would have to look it up since it was years ago. It was a photo I saw and not in person. Also to add, the lettering for the Scouts was done by Gunzo's, who was the long-time customizer for the Chicago Blackhawks. The lettering done for the Scouts was the exact same font as Chicago which only added to the similarities. It's a really nice replica and done quite well. Better than a lot of other sorta "home-brew" replicas you see such as the Utica Devils (where the U is in a weird shape and the shoulder patches are completely wrong).
  3. Some of those prices are likely a reflection of "auction fatigue." Devils had auctions for HFC night, Pride night, and Military night in a span of about 4 weeks.
  4. DevsMan84

    Devils Survivor

    A.J. Greer 11 (+1) Mackenzie Blackwood 10 Kevin Bahl 10 Nathan Bastian 10 Jesper Boqvist 10 Jesper Bratt 10 Will Butcher 10 Connor Carrick 10 Aaron Dell 10 Nolan Foote 10 Nico Hischier 10 Jack Hughes 10 Andreas Johnsson 10 Janne Kuokkanen 10 Mikhail Mal
  5. I really wonder what is going on behind the scenes to the point where Nass is the Teflon Assistant.
  6. Edit: This is in regards to Ruff keeping his assistants.
  7. 5 years is a long time in hockey where a lot of things can change. I think it is foolish to worry about what may happen then to nix any idea of improving your team now, especially since we are far from cap hell.
  8. We won't get help (or at least enough to matter much) from UFA. That means we either have to win our way through trades or hit a lot on our picks. We do have some nice prospects in our pipeline, but few that I see that are surefire hits. What if two of either Holtz, Mercer or Foote do not work out? The trades we have made in the past 5 years have so far been pretty safe and often to our advantage. However, what have they resulted in? We have some picks and some bottom 6 players for the most part. If the team really wants to move forward, we need to make a move for a guy who is a sur
  9. I like Nico a lot. He may just be my favorite player on this team. However, I am tired of being bottom feeders once again and I don't want to go through a 3rd or 4th offseason where we hear the "weaponizing cap space" line from management only to get the likes of Andreas Johnsson. I am only using Nico for Eichel because him or Hughes would likely be the ask from Buffalo and he would be the less painful of the two.
  10. Shero admitted that he never made a formal offer to Hall. Whether reason he had (likely he was concerned about Hall's knee), it sounded like there was likely lukewarm interest on both sides. If we get Eichel and he is still producing and healthy when his contract is up, I can imagine then the Devils would be far more interested in retaining his services. Then again, who knows as I don't own a crystal ball. Either way, I still think it is worth the risk.
  11. If that is all that would prevent Fitz from trading him away to make the team better then I want Fitz fired immediately.
  12. I would be willing to give up next year's first rounder. We will likely not be good, but you would figure a guy like Eichel along with the rest of the pieces would prevent us from picking in the top 5 or 6. If they want someone else on the current roster or even one of our prospects I would be ok. I am not discounting this a huge risk. However, the Devils will have to take a big risk if they want to move forward. The past 5-6 years of safe moves have lead us to being a lottery team for all but one of those seasons. If we get Eichel, he would be the most talented player the Devils hav
  13. It's a risk for sure, but it's better than going back to trading away spare parts and picks for players who seem to be exiting their prime (Subban) or other team's most expendable players (Johnsson, Johansson). The team has to swing for the fences eventually since help via UFA is unlikely to come anytime soon. The thought with Eichel is that by the time his contract is up, the Devils will be good enough to make it real hard for him to leave.
  14. Nico's ceiling is still unlikely as high as Eichel's ceiling. I still think Nico's value is enough to where it will likely be the best offer on the table for a team like Buffalo. I still don't fully understand not wanting elite-level players on a team that could use a boost in that department because he is not a swell person. We have a team full of great guys who are looking at finishing 29th out of 31 teams this season and being a bottom 6 team in 4 out of the last 5 seasons. FWIW, Nico being captain shouldn't matter yet. Other teams have traded their captains without it tearing
  15. If it is for someone like an Eichel or a Laine, it's either Jack or Hischier likely going the other way as I could imagine Buffalo and Columbus are looking for a roster player rather than high first rounder (probably both). Hughes has a higher ceiling than Hischier so Hischier would be the less of two evils.
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