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  1. NHL 10 PS3 Online League

    i would be interested on ps3..
  2. Food Safety at Prudential Center and our local arenas

    "If you want the best in fine dining and exemplary service, amidst elegant ambience without leaving Madison Square Garden..." www.thegarden.com my favorite was the verizon center washington DC with 100% of vendors in violation. "Mice droppings, a critical violation in Washington, were found at at least 10 vendors."
  3. Devils Goal Song

    i like the current one but weve got to stop chanting hey you suck afterwards.... zombie nation was good too
  4. "Why does Gary Bettman get booed all the time?"

  5. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    i demand this thread goes to the hall of fame section
  6. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    for some reason facebook's nhl page says 17 year long deal but i dont believe them
  7. Devils reacquire Arnott from Nashville

    YES so does this mean my signature is not out of date anymore? :yea: :dance:
  8. Anssi Salmela

    yeah, i like him too
  9. Bandwagon Time

    phoenix or boston...... or kings because of Quick
  10. Time for Marty to hang them up

    do not ever blame marty for this series loss...... if something, we need better defense.
  11. So who believes? Just a quick poll

    i can see myself readig this topic in five years in the hall of fame section remembering the devils' run for the cup in 2010. I BELIEVE
  12. yeah thats what you get from blocking the average of 30 shots a game.....
  13. I'm Posting This First

    lmao the famous neutral zone trap!! lets show versus and nbc why they dont show devils games on national television! Get ready for some boring hockey 1-0, 2-1, 1-0 im not gonna be at the games but i think that when the devils score the fans shouldnt celebrate. they shoud "say" BOOOSH like the philly fans do when he makes a save :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:
  14. Anybody have a clip of Brodeur's ridic save last night?

    its on nhl.com
  15. Devils watch the tape

    i hope that helped and they saw how poorly they played LGD!