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  1. Lil update - set is still for sale and now comes with 2 FREE lessons at Absolute Music in Hazlet, NJ! Make me an offer!
  2. Awesome! I'll have my Red Alert shirt on, probably looking near exact to my photo on here, but maybe with my hair up. So, better chance of you spotting me first, since you know what I look like! I'm Elyse, by the way.
  3. Come! You're my age! We can relate about being young and awesome and stuff
  4. My friend crapped out on me and despite reallyyy not wanting to be "that girl" sitting alone at the bar, I'd still like to go. Roll call? I went last time & got a ton of free stuff, met a few Dancers and bonus for the dudes - ALL of the female bartenders are hot. Even I can somewhat appreciate that.
  5. Haha a little bit of both I guess! I got lucky...friend knew one of the producers. Had he not, I'm not sure how we would go about just getting on the show actually
  6. They wear my underwear as a swimsuit to waterparks, and it's disturbing. (yes, that actually happened)
  7. Considering the video is from "peoplewithproblems.com" I may have to meditate on this proposal for a while... If you consider mature, employed, and decently attractive "a long list of rules"
  8. THANK YOU! Damn. Couldn't have said it better myself! Not band name, now-defunct webzine/concert promotion company name. I booked them many times.
  9. Anyone can be a model. Quite literally. So that's a lame ass excuse.
  10. I've booked shows for 4 years and played drums for a year, and I've never seen/experienced any of that. Do you only go to metal shows or something? ha
  11. Thanks! It is a great set & was my first. Wish I had the passion to continue playing, but I'd rather have someone take it who does!
  12. Tama IS58 Imperialstar 5 piece drum set Barely used - EXCELLENT condition! Includes all hardware + hi hat, ride, crash & splash cymbals! *BONUSES included: Vic Firth mute set 2 new pairs of Vic Firth sticks - 5A + Collectable Series with skull detail Vic Firth practice pad 3 new Tama heads Pair of drum brushes 2 FREE lessons at Absolute Music in Hazlet, NJ Will take best offer! Pick up in Middletown (central NJ - near Red Bank, Sandy Hook) (would have posted in Marketplace, but it's all Devs stuff in there - hoping some of you are musically inclined & in need of drums to bang
  13. Now, if only Parise would frequent the board, see this post and realize what he's been missing all these years...
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