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  1. does prusaks mask piss anyone off?? btw, that game was great IS IT JUST ME OR IS GIONTA REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD LATELY?
  2. prusak's mask pisses me off!! its sooo bad looking
  3. does anyone have a picture of him in the cage?
  4. see, Rupp's my fav. player, and if i was in the nhl, i would want them to get my height right, or at least somewhat close, but both numbers are just wayyyyyy off, and then, they have 2 diff days for his birthday lol, -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  5. why did he even need a plastic shield though?
  6. i think its because of his whole nose thing, but HE DOESNT LOOK normal in a cage, lol, and considering its the nhl, and hes in a cage, hes not doing bad at all
  7. lol, kewl, i thought thats what it meant, but before ppl asked me, i wanted to kno for sure, lol, i think they are just waiting for them to make same gender marrages legal so that they can go to the team in that state, lol
  8. hey, i got a question, what does ur thing mean, iam guessing it has to do with the whole kariya thing, but i wasnt exactly sure,
  9. remind me to let you all know what i get on the thing, youve all been sooo helpfull, thanks again everyone for all your help
  10. ya ur right, we did forget about zombie nation, and thats like one of the best ever, YMCA, LOL, cotten eye joe is overplayed, but it hasnt been on in a while
  11. thank you very much roughdraft how in the world do you know all of that? lol thanks alot everyone else too!! but if you know any more, just let me know
  12. that would be a huge help roughdraft,
  13. devsfanatic

    Hockey Songs

    hey everyone, iam doing a research project for school, and i decided to do it on the effect of music and sports, so if you could all help me out and name some hockey songs, or songs that you could find at a hockey game, it would help me out immensly, also, some baseball fans told me about this one song that goes "hidy hidy hidy ho," but i forgot the name, if any of you know the name of that one, please let me know and some football fans named a song that goes "what she gonna do with a u chimney on her" and said the name was feel it, yet when i heard a clip of it, it wasnt the song, do any of you know the name of that one? thanks if you decide to help me out!!
  14. wow, and puting it lightly, that sucks
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